Cell Phone Radiation and Children

SUPER IMPORTANT ALERT! A Back-to-School Campaign for you to help 1,000’s of children be protected from the dangers of Cell Phone Radiation. ChildHelp and BIOPRO are offering a joint program to inform Parents and protect children who have cell phones. This is a critical cause, as there are over 100 million children in North America who are at risk. Recent press coverage of cell phone dangers has once again brought this issue to public awareness. For each cell chip purchased, $1.00 will be donated to Childhelp USA, the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Special reduced pricing on cell chip purchases available until Aug 31, 2008 – see attached flyer for more details.

I have set a goal of protecting 100+ children during this Back to School Campaign. Please help me surpass this goal and share these details with others. Thank you in advance for forwarding this information on to all the parents you know.


Lori L. Nestel, RN, President
Avenues 2 Wellness, LLC

“Are CELL PHONES causing CANCER? PROTECT Yourself! PROTECT Your Children!”
Use Cell Phones and Electronic Devices with CONFIDENCE and PEACE of MIND
Learn more at – http://wireless.EMF411.com.

(I personally know these women and believe in what they are doing. I have purchased a few items from them for my home and it has made such a difference. Not being a big believer in cell phones (they are the most rude invention and apparently causing many health issues as well), I am glad that they speak out to help our children.)

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