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Saving Money on the Small Things

Like most of us, I too need to watch my pennies.  I have been a single parent for most of my life (and when I was remarried, it was to the cheapest man in the world so that was no help financially) and have learned a few tricks how to save money or stretch products for a few extra uses.

The best trick that I had learned is window cleaners are very expensive.  Fill up empty spray bottles with windshield wiper fluid.  It is cheaper and works better.  Think about it — it is made for the outdoors and cleans your windshield pretty well, doesn’t it?  I’ve been using it for about 15 years now and have shared this tidbit to everyone.

When cosmetic face creams or moisturizers in tubes seem to be empty, cut the tube with a scissor and you will find cream or lotion enough for two or three more applications.  Some smaller amounts of product just can’t squeeze through the tube without enough pressure or product pushing it through.  I also do this with toothpaste.

Nail polish sometimes gets clumpy, so I always add a few drops of acetone or nail polish remover in it to thin it out and it’s as good as new.

Same is true for White Out or similar products, although when they get clumpy, just add a few drops of water and shake the bottle well.

If anyone still uses Comet or a scouring powder like I do, do not immediately remove the sticky label and just cut half of it away.  When you turn over the carton, a lot of product spills into the sink or onto your dishes and pots.  Much of the time, you don’t need that much.

Instead of Netflix, which I loved, I now order DVDs through the library.  Ask at your local library when the new movies are coming in.  I was told they are ordered to arrive three months after they are in theaters.

Of course, shop at big box stores like BJ’s or Sam’s Club.  Yes, many things are too big for one person or one family, but share or split the cost with another family or friend.  You can’t beat their prices.  Also, paper products and other items never go bad, so it’s better to have that product on hand in case of a pandemic, like Covid19.

Order things on line  at  There is no sales tax unless the seller is located in NJ and I if you spend $25, shipping is free.  So combine orders until you have a $25 order amount.  Otherwise, postage is usually $3.99.   The prices of merchandise can’t be beat.  Old or out of print books can be found, even if they are used, at a fraction of the cost.  Try eBay or Amazon first before buying anything.  You’ll be glad you did.

Have a garage sale of all the clutter and unused or unwanted items in your home or apartment.  You can use the money to get something that you really need or want and declutter your home at the same time.

Add water to shampoo.  You can add a half of a cup of water and still have the shampoo be effective and it will last longer.  I also do this for hair conditioners as mine are so thick that it seems to be a waste.  Also, I learned that 1 oz. of Vodka in your shampoo, helps your hair grow!  That’s a useful tip for those with thinning hair.

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