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How Long is A Planet in Each Sign?

by Vikki Anderson

The Sun 28 days in each sign — 30 years in your sun sign
The Moon 29.5 days in orbit
2.5 days in each sign
Mercury Time of orbit: 88 days
7 days in each sign
Venus Time of orbit: 224.7 days
19 days in each sign
Mars Time of orbit: 687 days
60 days in each sign
Jupiter Time of orbit: 11.86 years
12 months in each sign
Saturn Time of orbit: 29.5 years
2.5 years in each sign
Uranus Time of orbit: 84.2 years
7 years in each sign
Neptune Time of orbit: 164.8 years
14.5 years in each sign
Pluto Time of orbit: 248.4 years —  20 years in each sign

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