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The next solar eclipse is December 4, 2021.

In astrology, the male or positive signs are depicted as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The feminine or negative signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.  The positive or negative traits assigned to each sun sign have nothing to do with a positive or negative attitude.  It separates the zodiac signs into leaders and followers, extroverts or introverts, those who are extremely talkative, and those who quietly observe, whether you will become a leader of industry or a teacher, are you romantic or more practical? 

Solar eclipses give you approximately two days a year when you can reset your goals, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations; however, there have been years when there were three or four solar eclipses! They will be in either positive or negative signs.  If it is in your positive or negative group, then you can be sure the next six months will be very dynamic with lots of reassuring changes guiding you toward your goals. When an eclipse is not in your group, it doesn’t provide easy opportunities or positive energy to make things go your way, but you can use the eclipse energy to change things you do not like or to choose another path. You still need to be proactive and positive on the eclipse no matter your sign.  Circumstances and life may get blown out of proportion and challenges may occur. This could result in issues with family, partners, health, career or money, as well as other areas of life. Now you know one of the reasons why life isn’t always treating you fairly. You must be persistent to make life go in the direction you intended. On an eclipse, make sure to keep the day positive and the next six months of your life will steadily improve. 

The next solar eclipse is on December 4, 2020. This is a great time to set your intention list of what you want to happen in your life moving forward.  Plan now and make the eclipse day a positive one. 

Can eclipses have a dramatic impact on one’s life? 

A dramatic impact means that you can change your life and go in any direction you wish. If you don’t like the way your life is going, you can change it in a positive way and the effect will last until the – next subsequent eclipse.  It’s a great time to start a new project, health regime, or business, especially a home-based business. Eclipses provide a cosmic wake-up call to help manifest your highest intentions.  

Whether you can see an eclipse or not is irrelevant. The energy of the eclipse affects the whole world and the whole day from midnight to midnight no matter when the actual eclipse takes place.  

What should you do on an eclipse? 

It’s very simple and practical. Do whatever you want to be doing for the next six months. So, if you want to start looking for a new job, send out resumes on that day. If you are trying to sell your home, talk to a realtor that day or drop into a realtor’s office. Better yet, put your house up for sale on an eclipse for extra energy in selling it quickly. If you like your job, get to work on time, be friendly, have lunch with co-workers, and do each assignment with enthusiasm and dedication, etc. Don’t go shopping on an eclipse or your intent would be to spend extra money during the next six months. Reach out to people you would like to have in your life more. You can email, write or visit with them, it doesn’t matter. Contact is an important issue. Put money in the bank so you’ll have money to save during the next six months. Go out for a meal with friends or loved ones so that you will have more time and money to do that going forward. I tell women don’t offer to pay for the meal so that they don’t spend the year ahead paying. If you are ill on this day, unfortunately, you may catch a lot of colds; so please take care of yourself so you don’t have to worry about your health. An eclipse is a great day to tell someone you love them.  

You can start a new redecorating project, makeover, or new hobby. You can take a new class, learn a foreign language, make a home-cooked meal for the family if it is your intent to have the family around the dinner table more, but remember, you will be cooking more. 

Personally, I like to read, write, take my dogs for a walk, listen to relaxing music, watch Youtube tutorials, rest, update my blogs or website, and make sure I either lecture or have clients on that day to attract more business in the future. 

What shouldn’t you do on an eclipse? 

This is easy yet important. Do not do housework! Do not schedule any medical procedures or doctor appointments. You don’t want to be sick for the next six months, do you? Do not pay bills or you will have more bills to pay.  Do not have a fight with anyone. If you do, makeup quickly so this will not be an issue for the future. Do not stay home from work on this day or you could be downsized, laid off or fired. Several students tested me on this and told me in the following semester that they had lost their jobs because they went to the beach on an eclipse instead of to work. They learned their lesson the hard way.  If you are homesick, take a shower, wash your hair, get dressed and do something relaxing that does not remind you of your illness. You may wish to read, continue a puzzle, paint, crochet, watch Youtube videos, talk a leisurely walk, binge watch a TV show you haven’t seen or learn a new subject online, etc. Don’t procrastinate. 

Don’t do anything you don’t want to be doing over and over again for the next six months. Think about what you want to accomplish and make sure you are doing what brings you closer to your goals.  Be with the people you want to be with for the next six months. 

A solar eclipse is a wonderful way to reorganize your life and bring in positive energy that you can use to enhance your life.  

We will not see all the eclipses. It depends on the moon’s position in the sky; however, whether it is an Annular or Total Eclipse, the effect on you will be exactly the same.  Happy Eclipses everyone!

Upcoming Eclipses:

December 4, 2021

April 30, 2022

October 25, 2022

April 20, 2023

October 14, 2023

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January 2021 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  January 2021 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days: January 1, National Hangover Day, New Year’s Day; January 2, run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day, January 3, Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings – date varies, Festival of Sleep Day, Fruitcake Toss Day, Humiliation Day. January 4, National Spaghetti Day, Trivia Day. January 5, National Bird Day.  I thought I’d print what the internet considers January holidays!  Let’s start the New Year off with a smile!

Each year I tell my readers, that even though the dates have changed for sun signs (usually every year), you are still the sun sign you were born under.

Capricorn – The Mountain Goat or Sea Goat

Physical appearance of the nine planetary types: Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn.  Saturn represents a body that is angular and slender with large bones.  Their features are stern, and have small or beady eyes; dark hair which may be curly, and a non-descript complexion.

Temperaments:  Saturn clings to customs and convention.  It is very secretive as to feelings and thoughts.  This planet does seek authority on some level and is very conservative.  It is a faithful planet.

Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics: Positive: analytical, tactful, thrifty, cautious, faithful, responsible, detailed, scientific inclination, loves research and mathematics, punctual, chaste, just, studios and systematic. Negative:  Pessimistic, jealous, stern, timid, suspicious, avaricious, fatalistic, secretive and crystallized.

Spiritual Keywords: She who endures; the ego or consciousness of selfhood, the obstructor, the limiter, the crystallizer, magnetic and the subduer.

Planets in Occult Philosophy:  The Lower or Animal Mind.  This is the core of the personal consciousness which verges towards corporeal concerns and cannot know the mystery of spirit.

Occupations: Conservative lines of business, real-estate, dealers, jailers, farmers, bricklayers, earthy occupations, miners, night watchmen, undertakers.

Circumstances Induced by the Planets:  Saturn causes delays, obstructions, defects, fatalities, impediments, demotions, losses, sorrows, poverty, long friendships, long illnesses, demotions, obstacles, decay, secrets, injuries and habits.  It also teaches karmic lessons, patience, tolerance and maturity.

Anatomy: Skin, articulations, auditory organs, gall bladder, skeleton, teeth, ligaments, knees, left ear and secretive system.

Last Quarter1/0616 Taurus 1304:37 AM
New Moon1/1323 Capricorn 1312:00 AM
First Quarter1/2812 Pisces 1102:16 PM
Full Moon2/0409 Leo 612:37PM
Retrograde PlanetsUranus goes direct on the 11th.
Sun goes into Aquarius on the 21st.

ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Get out of the house, walk around the block, walk the dog, do the unexpected.  Staying home because of the pandemic is getting a little too humdrum for your liking.  Invite some friends to your house or go out to a suitable restaurant with proper precautions. Great time to learn a new language or play scrabble on your iPad by yourself.  It’s time for a new beginning with fun and laughter along the way just in time for the New Year with all of its blessings.  You need to deal with your procrastination issues. Take control of your life.  Even though finances may seem erratic and unexpected expenses may hit you when you least expect it, you will do well with the new year.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Making concessions and changes are always a good thing.  You want to be happy so you are starting to compromise just a little. The new energy of 2021 is for you to handle as many of your responsibilities and obligations as possible while sorting out your life.  It is about balance and gratitude for everything you and your family have attained, and for all the blessings you have in your life which will continue throughout the New Year.  Love life should be getting more romantic and stronger as the year progresses.  You may also be interested in spicing things up or changing some of the rules in your relationships.  However, good luck seems to be following you around, especially where finances are concerned.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 21

What a great time to continue writing, painting or singing.  You can continue doing anything that is artistic and creative now; learn new crafts, spiritual modalities or gain more useful information.  Business and personal partnerships are of great importance to your positive future.  You may be confused about many issues now and really don’t seem to be able to make an informed decision.  With so much going on in your life, you will have time to sort things out.  Take your time in deciding important things in your life or ask for guidance from family or friends. You do have the strength to see a clearer vision of your future. 

CANCER – June 20 – July 21

Home life is very important to you. Making some changes from a decorating point of view would certainly pick up your spirits. You want so much to be done with the issues in your life, but feel you have responsibilities at home which may make you feel as if you are trapped.  Watching your finances and keeping them secure is very important.  Too much is going on and your finances seem affected in a big way.  Be wary of things that seem too good to be true – scams abound!  Check out things that are offered to you and do your homework so that you will be financially secure in the future.  Stick to a budget. Unexpected financial responsibilities may arise so you may need to be sure that you have money in the bank for unforeseen circumstances. 

LEO – July 22 – August 22

Fun, creativity and getting to your “to do” list seem right for you at the moment.  What else can you bring into your life to make it fun?  There may be seminars or training classes that you may want to attend via Zoom to learn a new subject or two with the extra time you have on your hands.  You have taken a step to prioritize your life nicely and really need to continue in this direction.  Getting organized and unburdened of many peoples’ issues and problems will help you concentrate on what you want to materialize into your life.  Love life may be somewhat stressed so why not have a special date night at home together whether you cook or bring in takeout.  Do the little things for each other and show appreciation for your partner – that will go a long way in improving any relationship.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

It’s a time to deal with any health issues and perhaps start a new routine of healthier eating and exercise.  Many internal changes are going on within you and you may feel as if you just don’t know exactly what to do any more.  Should you leave your current relationship, job, or home?  This can be tricky so make sure you are absolutely sure about any changes in your life and thoughtfully think about how those changes will affect others as well as you. Take your time before deciding on career decisions so that you can make the best choice with you have been stuck in your home, there is so much to keep you occupied that you may even be happy that you have time to finish your projects.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 23

Business and personal partnerships can be hard to deal with.  Your intent is to solve issues, but you may run into resistance. Friendships may be strained if you are not diplomatic.  Be sensitive to the needs of others and things will work out fine.  You need a bit more order in your life now so decide what needs to be done to give you peace of mind.  Does your home need to be de-cluttered and organized?  Some friends or family may ask for loans so be prepared to say no or give them a lesser amount than they are asking. You are not in a secure financial position that you can help everyone, although you’d like to, so do what you can, but you need to set limits and boundaries.

SCORPIO – October 24 – November 22

You should deal with whichever money issues are important right now so that you can start accomplishing other goals.  Save what you can. You have a lot of good luck around you, but you need to grab the opportunities when they present themselves or they may pass you by and never return.  Many things are going on behind the scenes, but you are not ready to see them. There may be partnership issues that you may not be ready to deal with; however, keep your eyes open.  You may hear something that is somewhat disturbing to you, but if you deal with it calmly and logically, you can quickly resolve the gossip or situation. 

SAGITTARIUS – November 23 – December 21

Travel always is appealing to you, so you might be concerned that you haven’t been able to take a well-deserved vacation for some time. You can have all the vacation fun you need when the pandemic is over. New perspectives help you make important decisions that you would have otherwise neglected or overlooked.  You are trying to be more consistent, grounded and centered.  Everything that has seemed crazy in your life will make much more sense now.  You will learn that challenges promote self-growth, inner strength and inner courage.  Home life issues will continue to be upsetting at times; however, you are in a much better frame of mind to deal with any difficulties that may come your way. 

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

Your career and personal life need to find a balance.  You need some quality time with family keeping in mind that you do need alone time as well.  Are you making your partner a priority?  It’s all about money for you.  Even though having money in the bank is for your family’s security, I’m sure they’d trade some of that money for family time.  However, you want to know how to make more money, how to keep it as security for your family and future, and most importantly, how to pay off your mortgage and debt.  You may also have some concerns about your love life or women in your life who may like you just because of your income. 

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 18

You are getting tired of not being able to socialize with friends and family. Keep yourself occupied with reading, chatting on the cell or Zoom, and in taking online classes. Learn new skills on Youtube. You are settling in to a much more balanced year so everything around you will be making more sense.  You are able to make positive decisions about your future.  Aquarians can leave the past behind and look forward to new beginnings with family, friends and partnerships.  Be very specific in the amount of time and advice you are able to share.  Do not let others’ issues interfere with your life because you have a kind heart. 

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

This is a time to get back to a spiritual life and continue with metaphysical, esoteric or unfamiliar topics. Home life has its ups and downs and you are a bit confused about your next move.  Your mind keeps racing and you have so much to think about that you are getting confused over the multiple options.  Prioritize what you really need in your life.  Look into different modalities that you can study or learn to find out what you truly need.  If you uncover secrets, try to stay focused on your new beginnings without these distractions.  You can handle anything that comes your way.

Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author, and lecturer for over 48 years.  She may be contacted at 908-887-0052 to schedule a telephone tarot and astrology reading, or an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Please visit  to order astrology email reports for the New Year or to make an appointment.

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Living in the Best State for You!

By Vikki Anderson

Have you ever noticed that when you are on vacation or traveling in a particular state, you feel more relaxed, creative, and energetic? Perhaps there is a calmness or inexplicable happiness surrounding you. You may feel as one with the natural environment, while in other places no matter how many good times you had you are relieved to return home. Another indication of a good state for you is to notice if problems occur while you are there. I have a friend who goes on vacation to the same state each year. She has been injured playing golf and taken to the hospital, fallen off curbs, and has broken bones. Additionally, the weather is usually bad for most of her holiday. These are simple clues to help you determine that this particular state is not conducive to your energy/frequency, and ultimately your well-being.

As an astrologer, I have rarely met anyone who takes state sun signs into account. Knowing what sun sign an individual state is can help improve your choice where to live and how you feel. In many cases moving to a state that is in harmony with your sign dramatically helps. However, you need to do some research before moving. Some people move to another state but it is in the same sign they just left. Also, they may move to a state that squares or opposes their sun sign and this would create more obstacles and challenges for them to overcome than their original state.

When moving to another state, your chart changes; planets that were restrictive or causing too much conflict may move into another house in the chart, easing the area of life that was causing anxiety or worry. An ascendant may be changed a few degrees or move into a totally different sign which allows the person to handle situations in a more calm, logical or creative manner than before. There are so many possibilities and I have seen dramatic differences in my clients’ lives. I know it makes a difference!

The easiest way for people to know if they are living in the best state for them is to live in a state that has your sun sign. Being a Gemini, it was no surprise that when I vacationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I always had a wonderful time. When one is in harmony with nature and the vibrational patterns in the environment around you, you are on the right path in your journey. This leads to happiness, joy and contentment. One day in the future, I may even move to South Carolina because I feel great and at home when I am there.

If you are planning to move and do not think you would like the states listed in your sun sign, you may always pick a trine or sextile state. I’ve included a chart below; if you are a water sign, say a Scorpio, your trine states would be in Cancer or Pisces. In turn, if you are a Pisces, your trine signs would be Cancer and Scorpio. Trine signs are the same element as your sun sign. You would also get along very well with these particular zodiac sun signs. Squares are three signs from your sun sign in either direction, and oppositions are the signs exactly opposite, 6 signs away or 180 degrees from your sign. It would be best to stay away from making these particular states your home. An alphabetical listing of the states and their sun signs is listed below.

(Signs that are 180 degrees apart or six signs apart)

These signs oppose each other. Meaning they are opposite each other – usually, there is an attraction for a short period of time and then the differences surface and there will be less attraction afterward.  With time, you will find that life isn’t going your way; you may feel as if you are experiencing bad luck.  It’s the “why me” scenario.  Opposite signs are next to each other in the chart, Aries opposes Libra and so on.

Aries Libra
Taurus Scorpio
Gemini Sagittarius
Cancer Capricorn
Leo Aquarius
Virgo Pisces

(Signs that are 120 degrees apart or four signs apart)

Trines are the best aspect you can have. They are your same element, i.e., Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Whichever element your sun sign inhabits.  Trines make your life easy.  Depending upon where it falls in your chart or which planets are involved, many wonderful opportunities and prospects will come your way in almost any area of life.  Whatever gifts the universe present to you during this time will be in your best interest, so you may as well just take them and enjoy.


(Signs that are 90 degrees apart and three signs apart)

If it can be avoided you should never move to a state that would be in conflict with your natal sun. These aspects are called squares or oppositions. Squares are listed in each column, i.e., Aries squares Cancer, Cancer squares Libra, Libra squares Capricorn, etc. The other columns read the same. Squares cause frustration and aggravation. It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again.  It is not conducive to peace of mind, harmony, love, good relationships with colleagues, neighbors, etc., and it may be very hard to find or keep a good job in a state that squares you.

Cardinal Fixed Mutable
Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


(Signs that are 60 degrees apart or every other sign)

Every other sign is a sextile.  Aries to Gemini, Gemini to Leo, Leo to Libra, and so forth.  Each column sextiles the next sign.  Aries starts the positive polarity signs and Taurus starts the negative polarity signs.  So, all positive signs sextile each other, as do the negative signs. Sextiles bring you many opportunities but you have to grab them or they pass you buy and may not be repeated.  They bring very good energy and are very helpful in acclimating to your new surroundings.

Aries Taurus
Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn
Aquarius Pisces


(Your sun sign)

Conjunctions are the best aspect for living in a state.  Your energy and the environment will be the same. You will feel comfortable within your own sun sign’s depth and vitality. It will strengthen you and give you a much better understanding of yourself by watching your life unfold in a state bearing your sun sign.

States & Their Sun Signs

Alabama – Sagittarius Alaska – Capricorn
Arizona – Aquarius Arkansas – Gemini
California – Virgo Colorado – Leo
Connecticut – Capricorn Delaware – Sagittarius
District of Columbia – Taurus Florida – Pisces
Georgia – Capricorn Hawaii – Leo
Idaho – Cancer Illinois – Sagittarius
Indiana – Sagittarius Iowa – Capricorn
Kansas – Aquarius Kentucky – Gemini
Louisiana – Taurus Maine – Pisces
Maryland – Taurus Massachusetts – Aquarius
Michigan – Aquarius Minnesota – Taurus
Mississippi – Sagittarius Missouri – Leo
Montana – Scorpio Nebraska – Pisces
Nevada – Scorpio New Hampshire – Cancer
New Jersey – Sagittarius New Mexico – Capricorn
New York – Leo North Carolina – Scorpio
North Dakota – Scorpio Ohio – Pisces
Oklahoma – Scorpio Oregon – Aquarius
Pennsylvania – Sagittarius Rhode Island – Gemini
South Carolina – Gemini South Dakota – Scorpio
Tennessee – Gemini Texas – Capricorn
Utah – Capricorn Vermont – Pisces
Virginia – Cancer Washington – Scorpio
West Virginia – Gemini Wisconsin – Gemini
Wyoming – Cancer

There are no Aries or Libra states, so choose sextiles and trines for your best state.

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Ancient Paths, Modern Choices

I have been teaching and conducting workshops for nearly five decades in both astrology and tarot, I have several books and many articles out on these subjects. I am always asked the same questions. What’s better, tarot or astrology? Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Is one more accurate? The answer is that it all depends on what type of guidance they are seeking.

Let’s start with astrology since I have been reading charts since I was fourteen years old and am now sixty-three. Astrology has been my life. The natal chart is almost like a doctor’s file on a patient. Everything that is positive or negative is in it. It contains many different aspects of one’s personality, how well or poorly you react to emotional situations or crisis, your intellectual abilities, why relationships succeed or fail and generally if you are the kind of person that others want to know or have as a friend. The houses of the chart tell different areas of life that are affected, for instance, the first house represents the personality you show to the world or the one you want to show to the world and not necessarily the true one; the second represents your money or material values while the third represents communication, short trips, siblings, etc. Twelve distinct areas of life are covered. Depending upon which planets are in that house, what sign(s) are in the house and what aspects hit that house, the personality is formed.

Throughout the years with the planets moving forward (or progressing) from your birth chart (which was a map of the sky at the time of your birth), one’s personality, likes, dislikes, intelligence, relationships and reactions to situations change. Adding in solstice points and solar eclipses which usually occur twice a year (lunar eclipses are best used for Cancerians or Cancerian Ascendant natives), the next six months can be forecasted. Many different possibilities are touched upon as the planets and aspects represent a vast variety of probabilities. One must remember, however, that we choose our own future. We make a million decisions throughout our lifetimes that change our future day by day. Planets and aspects can stand for many different alternatives. When the sun and moon on an “eclipse” day falls into a particular house, that house is activated and an astrologer knows what would be in store for the native throughout the next six months. I usually tell my students that whatever happens on an “eclipse” day will represent the next six months of your life. For example, I recommend spending money on the eclipse so you will have money to spend for six months; be with friends and family you wish to see throughout the next six months; go to work as students who thought they would take it easy the next six months, did exactly that. They lost their jobs since they weren’t working on the eclipse! Think. Complete lists of projects, affirmations or goals. Plan for the next six months. I usually find it helpful to get things in order before an eclipse and then read the list in a positive manner on the eclipse so that the universe will set the stage for your next six months in a very logical and organized manner.

In order to make a competent prediction, an astrologer would know the meanings of the houses, planets and aspects affecting the “eclipse” planets and how they aspect the natal and progressed planets. Simplified, if one has more positive aspects such as sextiles or trines, life within the next six months will be more calm, relaxed, focused, organized and fulfilling without many obstacles. The more squares and oppositions the updated chart has, the more challenges and obstacles might be before the person you are reading. But whether the outcome is a positive or negative one, truly depends on the overall outlook. Obstacles or challenges may be for the native to learn some particular lesson or start handling responsibility, etc.

So in essence, astrology gives you a road map to your life year by year. Once given a road map, one can decide to get to any destination in many ways, by plane, train, bus, car, motorcycle or boat. There are also different roads to a destination, the super highways of life, the interstates, the local roads or back country dirt roads. All lead to a certain destination, however, the path is altered by the mode of transportation and the route one chooses. Remember as in any modality, you have complete control over your life and destiny.

Tarot is basically a different method or concept of predicting the future. First of all, the cards explain what will happen if you do nothing to change the situation. If there was something perceived to be negative by the Querent (person for whom you are doing the reading), it will stay negative unless that person takes a positive action to change the event or circumstances. You are always given options and choices.

One can do various spreads to predict what will happen in a day, week, month, year or particular time period in the future. Most of the spreads can pin point an exact month by month prediction in addition to an overall view of the current situation and how one will handle those situations. Tarot can let you know particular occurrences, obstacles or love with a glance of the cards; it can give you definitive yes or no answers to exact questions as well. The remaining cards in the yes/no spread will also shed more insight into your current situation. Remember that we can change anything we don’t like in the cards if we know what message the card is giving us. Whether we take that information to use to our benefit is our choice.

By using the tarot, one can get an immediate answer to a question and insight into a situation or circumstance and know what to do to change that situation to their benefit. Tarot shows you when to balance your love life, money, career or. It foretells what you must do to correct these areas of life. It often gives us not only the mundane solutions to life, but tells us of the spiritual path we must also follow to be happy in this lifetime.

Tarot suggests blessings from God after going through changes; it tells when one must rest so that the Querent could be protected from an illness or concern with the proper rest and care of himself or herself. Tarot helps build character because it gives the Querent something to fight with. It paves the way for an adaptive attitude towards conflicts, obstacles and concerns. Tarot uses a variety of scenery, backgrounds, figures, and colors to portray each card’s meaning. Sometimes adding one’s knowledge about numerology helps give added meanings to the cards although one can get a feel for the cards just by looking at it. This cannot be done in astrology. If the person has no practical knowledge of the planets, houses and aspects, an astrological interpretation cannot be properly done. It would look like Egyptian to the person — without meaning.

Tarot can also prepare one for issues that need balance in order to be happy or fulfilled – it could represent balance in a relationship (is one partner too dominant and the other too submissive?), money (spending too much and not saving enough?), career (is it really necessary to work 12 hour days? What about time with the family?), and conflicts (can I ride these conflicts out? Should I settle them peacefully? Can I handle what is ahead of me? Is there an end in sight?). Just by adding some common sense and a time frame, one can look into the future and know what must be done to correct any negative situation.

Astrology charts, although very automated now and can be called up on a computer and printed in a few minutes, are extremely difficult to interpret properly. Massive reports can be generated with all types of probabilities for the next year. The reports are so long (usually 50+ pages) because there are so many variables. If you make a decision today or now, you change the future from a few moments ago.

Tarot usually takes anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half to read properly. Astrology can take long hours to decipher and then read to the native. Reference for planet configurations (some use asteroids as well) must be used and placed in the chart and then one must go through each planet of the natal chart, progressed chart and how it affects the natal chart. Many combinations can actually make other configurations of planets better or worse by being in aspect with several planets at the same time. You can guide through astrology and then you have to wait to see if the future comes true. With tarot, you are taking an active role in your future by knowing what will come up and how to alter the outcome for the most positive result for the good of all involved.

I feel tarot is more like psychology. It highlights the problem or concern indicated by the number of cards in a particular suit, and gives you many alternatives to deal with it. Each card also has an answer in it.

Although I love both astrology and tarot, I would imagine it depends on the type of information you are looking for. If you want a very philosophical view of yourself, your character, moods, emotional status, likes, dislikes and the general road map to your life with the next year, then astrological charts are for you. Remember that one does not need to have a chart done more than twice a year. I usually place both eclipses in a chart for a year’s reading, so that my clients need only return once a year for the upcoming year’s events.

Tarot is a useful guidance tool since it can give you the areas of your life causing concern, gives answers to deal with anything from the four suits indicating the problem or challenge.

Remember that we have total and complete control over our lives and the decisions we make. No one can make those choices for us. Tarot is an easier and gives more practical answers to the year ahead; astrology gives us an overview of what is to come and makes us think of all the possibilities and consequences ourselves.

Both are fun, both are guidance tools and both can be very dangerous if used for negative purposes. Never go to a reader who says there is a curse on you; there are no curses, only fear that overtakes us and makes us vulnerable. You do not need to go for readings more than twice a year although once a year is also very accurate and lighting candles and prayers by a reader will not help rid you or your family of the curse usually for a large sum of money. Get references of a tarot reader or astrologer from a reputable new age shop or ask friends or family who they consider to be a reputable reader. Is the price fair? Are they trying to use scare tactics? Are they reading with insight, helpful suggestions and giving positive guidance. No one can or should light a candle for you. Some readers charge ridiculous amounts to burn a candle for you, if they are doing it at all. Spend $1 and light one for yourself in a church! Also, never give any readers large sums of money in cash! I had a client who gave $20,000 to one of these readers in a very vulnerable and depressed state, and then she asked for her deceased husband’s jewelry to also take the curse off of that too. However, the woman was wearing my clients jewelry when she went for another reading. For the $20,000, she got 7 readings and a future with no money and a lost sense of pride and a desperate feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It seems to be my crusade to steer people in the right direction when it comes to reputable readers. It is not acceptable to have a few greedy and unscrupulous charlatans ruin the path for the rest of us.

Whether you read tarot or astrology, keep your message clear, optimistic and focused. Anyone can change the future. We have the right to mold and shape our own destiny as God intended. Take your future and mold it into something you would be proud of.

Some think astrology is all right to have done while attending a tarot reading is the work of the devil. People — these are useful guidance tools that God gave his people here on earth so we could guide others who have temporarily lost their way or needed some insight into the future. There is no witchcraft involved in these predictive modalities. They are subjects, which are studied and practiced like anything else to become good at it.

Give them a chance, and I believe they will surprise you with their accuracy, their insight and the level of philosophical awareness that is given you.

Also, it is much easier to predict time periods with tarot than it would be in astrology. In tarot, the suits represent different months, signs or time periods. In astrology, one must rely on their intuition (and some help from the progressed moon) to predict when something will happen.

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