Solar Eclipses

Any eclipse will have a dramatic impact on your life and that of your family, so be prepared.

What is a dramatic impact on one’s life, you may ask?

It means that you can change your life and go into any direction you want it to go. It means that if you don’t like the way your life is going, you can change it in a positive manner and the effect will last until the subsequent eclipse.

No matter whether you can see an eclipse or not from your home is irrelevant. The energy of the eclipse affects the whole world and the whole day from midnight to midnight.

So what should you do on an eclipse?

I love explaining to my students and clients what they should do on an eclipse. It’s very simple and practical at the same time. Do whatever you want to be doing for the next six months. So, if you want to start looking for a new job, send out resumes on that day. If you are trying to sell your home, talk to a realtor or drop into a realtor’s office OR put your house up for sale on an eclipse for extra energy in selling it quickly. If you like your job, get to work on time, be friendly, have lunch with co-workers, etc. Don’t go shopping on an eclipse or your intent would be to spend extra money during the next six months. Do contact people you would like to have in your life more than you do now. You can email, write or visit with them, it doesn’t matter. The contact is the important issue. Go out to a meal with friends or your partner (or children, if you’d like) so that you would have more time and money to do that. I tell my women students not to pay so that they would not be picking up many of the bills in the future. If you are ill on this day, unfortunately, you will probably catch every kind of cold to flu or worse during this time period. So please take care of yourself so you don’t have to worry about your health.

Personally, I read, take the dog for a walk, listen to CDs, watch TV, rest, plan to do a hobby or interest and make sure I either lecture, write or have clients on that day to attract more business. You can start a new redecorating project or personal hobby. You can take a new class, start a new foreign language series that you always wanted to learn. Make a home cooked meal for the family if it is your intent to have the family around the dinner table more (but remember, you will be cooking more too). You can always order pizza! Tell someone you like/love them.

What shouldn’t you do on an eclipse?

That’s easy to answer. Do not do housework! Do not schedule any medical procedures or a doctor’s appointment. (You don’t want to be sick for the next six months, do you?). Do not pay bills or have a fight with anyone. If you do, make up quickly so this will not be an issue for the future. Do not stay home from work on this day or you will be down sized, laid off or fired. (Several students tested me on this and told me in the following semester that they had gone on unemployment!). If you are home sick from work, put on makeup and get dressed so you will not be lying around watching TV while not being groomed properly. (Men, you don’t have to put on makeup!). Do not procrastinate or put things off which should be done now.
Don’t do anything you don’t want to be doing over and over again for the next six months. It’s like a video that will be playing each day over and over again until the next eclipse. Think about what you want to accomplish and make sure you are doing that exact thing with the people you want to be doing it with.

So all in all, a solar eclipse is a wonderful way or reorganizing your life, bringing positive energy in that you need to make your life complete or to get it on another path.

I hope your eclipse is everything you want it to be.

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Numerology Personalities

These are abbreviated meanings.


This is a male energy, the Alpha, a leader, ambition, attainment, happiness, fulfillment, glory, individualism, the self, arrogance, initiation, dominant, creative, birth, unique and all fire.


This is a submission number as it is female energy, represents the other, love, adaptability, dance, devotion, the subconscious, water, twin flame, mediation, consideration, cooperation, dualism and balance.


This number denotes multiples, The Holy Trinity, faith, hope and charity, speech, wit, art, sensuality, immaturity, passion, surprise or shock, change, sex, culture, and the triangle.


This is the builder number, stability, justice, earth, the conscious mind, civilization, traditional, profit, health, conviction, wisdom, progress, power and a good foundation.


This number stands for the visionary, opportunities, symbols, story-telling, adventure, imagination, the subconscious mind, freedom, healing, choices, unconditional love, mercy, resourcefulness, the New Age, an assistant, invention and expansion.


This number stands for the protector, healer, children, empathetic tendencies, intuition, sympathy, sensitivity, sustenance, community, circulation, charity, balance, sorcery, simplicity and a nurturing spirit.


This is the number of the analyst, thinker, science, study, literature, logic, secrets, religion, rituals, knowledge, isolation, chastity, dignity, the collective consciousness, genius, and myth.


The manifestation number including wealth, power, material well being, the ego, business, employment, appearance, customs, exchange, reality, riches, investments and world transformation.


The humanitarian number, religious, spiritual, philanthropic, duty bound, mission, hardship, the higher self, spirit guides, faith, angel on Earth, faith in mankind, optimist, self sacrifice, karma, Divine Wisdom.

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Aries Sun Sign

by and Vikki Anderson (c) 2011.

ARIES: The Ram. This sign rules the head and is an ambitious and successful sign.

Keywords are: active, impulsive, aggressive, naive, leader, optimistic, rash, self-centered and enthusiastic.  Arians are lovely people who like to take the lead in any situation.  They would rather be the center of attention than being “behind the scenes.”  They are idea people, but their attention span in every day matters and love may be fleeting. Being interested in so many things, they rarely have the time to look into anything in-depth.  Arians love to travel, have fun, meet new friends and especially like to meet new people of varied cultures and in general is interested in anything until they get bored with it.  Love is another issue with Aries.  They can be in love with love and when reality sets in, they are amazed at how they could have thought they loved their partner.  However, once they find true love, they can be one of the most loving, caring, giving and positive partners anyone could ever want. This sign is very good at coming up with answers so ask your Aries friend or family member for advice.  I know you will always get the appropriate answer.

Mars: is the planet of energy, sex drive, temper, competition, personal power, passion, leadership, conflict, strength, anger, courage, competition, assertion and motivation.

This planet represents the God of War and Conflict – Aries.  Mars shows us how we respond to conflict and challenges in our lives.  Many Arians have scars or injuries to their face or head.  This area should always be protected.

Quality * Cardinal:  Changeable, ambitious and active.

Element: Fire represents someone who is outgoing, optimistic, energetic, creative, impulsive, passionate, arrogant, selfish, impatient, spontaneous and warm.

Other fire signs are Leo and Sagittarius which are Aries’ best matches.

Aries is a semi-fruitful sign. * Polarity: Masculine/Positive * Gemstone:  Bloodstone * Opposite Sign:  Libra.


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Pisces Sun Sign Description


PISCES – February 18 – March 19

This sign rules the feet and is a mutable water sign of negative polarity. The symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions; they do not notice what the other is doing.  One is spiritual and the other handles the mundane. Keywords are: idealist, subconscious, subtlety, receptive, inspirational, higher self, dreams, mystery, illusion, unconscious, intuitive, compassionate, emotional, escapist, story tellers, imaginative and sensitive.  These are the dreamers of the zodiac. Sometimes, they would rather see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear instead of dealing with the hard truth. However, many can be inspired artists, poets, actors, writers and visionaries.  At their worst, this sign can be one of the best con artists, liars, and forgers.  Stereotypically, Pisceans lead a varied life of helping those around them, and never learn how to receive from others.  Consequently, they will certainly repeat this karmic lesson in many future lifetimes until they value their own self worth.  They can get easily stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.  Boundaries and limitations must be established to protect good mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  This is also one of the most intuitive and spiritual of all the signs.

Colors:  Sea greens

NEPTUNE represents: the subconscious, creativity and psychic ability.  It allows one to connect with the spiritual world and intuition on a deep level.  This planet is also associated with goals, ideas and an idealistic view of the world.  It also represents seeing things through rose colored glasses.  Neptune is a planet of illusion and delusion.

Planet represents the God of the Sea – King Neptune.

Quality * Mutable:  adaptable, versatile, intellectual, flexible, varied interests, always has many projects going on at the same time, always on the go, always needs to have the last word, talkative and inventive.  Other Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Element * Water: emotional, empathetic, psychic abilities, supportive, lazy, unbalanced, impractical, emotional, creative, secretive, deep and depressed. Other water signs are Cancer and Scorpio which are Pisces’ best matches.

Pisces is a fruitful sign. * Polarity: Feminine/Negative * Gemstone:  Amethyst * Opposite Sign: Virgo


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January 20 – February 17

(These dates change each year – this is 2011′s dates)

AQUARIUS: The sign rules the circulatory system and the ankles. The symbol is the water bearer to is pouring out knowledge to the masses. Keywords are: opinionated, impatient, assertive, independent thinker, progressive, inventive, unconventional, friendly, talker, friends oriented, and somewhat detached to many situations. This sign can be a workaholic, but is also one of the sucker signs (too giving, too caring, too loving, too kind, too generous, too honest and will eventually become a door mat if boundaries are not set).   The old adage is, “If you can’t get along with an Aquarian, you probably aren’t worth knowing.”  They are lovely souls who try to help everyone and really have trouble saying no.  This sign will be the first to help out anyone and will give their last nickel to someone in need.  As a good friend to them, you should not take advantage of their kindness.  They need more limitations and boundaries.

Colors:  Iridescent blues

URANUS:  Ruling planet is Uranus which represents: enlightenment, new beginnings, invention, science, dramatic change, revolutions, sudden events, unexpected events, opportunities, self expression, technology and purpose.  Uranus represents the God of the Sky and the Universe.

Gemstone:  Garnet  *   Theme:  I know  *  Opposite Sign:  Leo

Quality * Fixed:  stable, conservative, stubborn, determined, unchangeable, moody, skeptical, good follow through, and stick to a single course of action.  Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Element * Air:  Changeable, rational, motivated, quick witted, intellectual, restless, critical, judgmental, resistant, detached, sarcastic, communicative, inventive and rational.  Other Air signs are Gemini and Libra which are Aquarius’ best matches.

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December 21 – January 19

(These dates change each year – this is 2011′s dates)

CAPRICORN: The sign rules the bones, skin and knees.  The symbol is the mountain goat with a dolphin’s tail ascending the heights from the depths of the sea.

Keywords are:  reserved, driven, materialistic, domineering, determined, practical, conscientious, reliable, efficient, ambitious, patient, workaholic, security conscious, and needs stability. This sign has many wonderful ambitions.  Sometimes, they work so much that their family seems to be second.  The most important thing in a Cap’s life is money is to put away as security for his/her family.  Underneath all that control is a very sensitive soul.

SATURN: responsibility, challenges, fate, obstacles, triumph, patience, maturity, realism, karma, perseverance, realism and ethics.  Remains in each zodiac sign for approximately 28 years.  Saturn represents the God of Harvest, Agriculture and Justice.

Colors:  dark shades such as browns, blacks, and grays.

Quality * Cardinal:  Changeable, ambitious and active.

Element * Earth:  Stable, nurturing, cautious, stubborn, depressed, unmotivated, practical, grounded, analytical, meticulous, steady, abundant and sometimes stagnant.  Other Earth signs are Taurus and Virgo which are Capricorn’s best matches.  Second best matches are Pisces and Scorpio.

Capricorn is a semi-fruitful sign.

Polarity:  Feminine/Negative

Gemstone:  Ruby


I will be adding the sun sign of the month in 2011 by

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How Long is A Planet in Each Sign?

by Vikki Anderson

The Sun 28 days in each sign 

30 years in your sun sign

The Moon 29.5 days in orbit
2.5 days in each sign
Mercury Time of orbit: 88 days
7 days in each sign
Venus Time of orbit: 224.7 days
19 days in each sign
Mars Time of orbit: 687 days
60 days in each sign
Jupiter Time of orbit: 11.86 years
12 months in each sign
Saturn Time of orbit: 29.5 years
2.5 years in each sign
Uranus Time of orbit: 84.2 years
7 years in each sign
Neptune Time of orbit: 164.8 years
14.5 years in each sign
Pluto Time of orbit: 248.4 years 

20 years in each sign

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Contact Your Angels

Let’s talk about contacting your angel.  Everyone I have dealt with lately has been asking me.  I have been in contact with my personal angel since I was fourteen years old when he started talking to me. Of course, way back then, you just didn’t go around telling people that you have conversations with your angel and even though I was a young teen, I got it. You keep this information to yourself and let it be known when the time is right.

In metaphysics it is believed that we are all born with three personal guardian angels and three spirits guides that are here to help each one of us. But the “law of non-interference” states that they cannot interfere with our free will and choices unless we specifically ask for assistance. I tell my students it is like having a butler, maid, cook and chauffeur on staff and they sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee waiting for you to tell them what to do. They are there, but not doing their jobs!

Angels wait to assist us and I think they must have an extreme amount of patience not to interfere when they know we are making a mistake or not taking an important opportunity for our best interest – but that’s what they do.

So, it is important to deal with them every day. I personally ask to be brought opportunities and people into my life who would be in my best interest, and so far it has worked out well. Yes, I’ve made mistakes along the way because I didn’t think the opportunities were right for me and I’ve been disappointed some time later to see that “they” were right and that my judgment was colored with emotional responses and bias.

The first thought that comes to your mind about anything (after asking assistance from them) is always the right thing to do. You have free will so you can do whatever you feel is appropriate for you; however, give the answer that comes to your mind first a second thought and reflect upon it. What would be the ramifications of taking that path? Would it be in your best interest? Would it be a risk worth taking? Think of these things before making a decision.

You may also ask the name of your angel if you go into meditation — or you can get ready for bed and once your head is on the pillow, close your eyes and ask (outloud or silently) that you would like to know the name(s) of your personal angels. The names will come into your mind. Don’t be discouraged if it takes several tries – sometimes, we just don’t believe the names that come into our minds and we dismiss them. Hear them and know that they are your angels’ names.

Ask for assistance in being safe while driving/traveling to your destination. Ask that the police don’t see your speeding by; ask that your family and you are healthy and safe and that you will always make the best decisions for all involved. Your angels can help you with whatever you can imagine.

You have all the power of the universe on your side, it would be a real shame if you didn’t use it.

Copyright by Vikki Anderson and  Do not reprint without using author’s name or website information.

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Charlatans In Our Field

by Vikki Anderson

I rarely take gigs in NYC, however, if they are early enough in the afternoon or evening, I can take a bus to Port Authority and a cab to the destination and it has seemed to work out.  This is what I had done just a few weeks ago when I did tarot reading for The New School in NYC.

I always arrive approximately 2 hours ahead of time in case of traffic or some mishap, but this time the bus driver must have tried out for the role on the movie SPEED since we were almost falling out of our seats and purses and brief cases were flying all over the place.  So in essence, I was so early, I called my fiance to chat and ate a bagel at Port Authority and then looked around for awhile before getting into a cab.

Upon getting there, I was told that this particular party was a block party about two blocks away.  That would be all right normally but I have a fractured bone in my right foot so I wasn’t that happy with walking the distance, but managed nicely.

I waited and waited for the person organizing the gig and 50 minutes later, the New School’s representative arrived.  She found me a table and had to find a few chairs, but then the astrologer came and she asked if we could share.  I don’t like sharing tables, but I agreed.  I didn’t know her but it only took me a few minutes to realize what kind of reader she was.

I asked if she had a computer for charts, she said no.  I asked if she brought an ephemeris, she replied no again.  She said she had a good grasp on sun signs and that she could bluff her way through it and brought tarot cards in case I needed help!  Why, thank you.  I told her why didn’t she just use the July 21st eclipse and give the effects of that eclipse to each sign and she said she didn’t know how to do that — so here we are, on the same table with someone (myself) who has taught metaphysics and parapsychology for over 38 years and someone who didn’t know as much as my students who had taken a 6 minute lesson with me.  I was furious.

The readings were loud (and I constantly tried to quiet her down to no avail) and awful.   She had astrology cards and was asking her guests to shuffle the cards and then she READ right off of the cards.  She asked if I knew of these cards and I said that my friends designed them.  Yes, I think I knew them, but they are mostly for individual guidance, not for a big event where you are getting paid big bucks for your expertise.

She left to get water (I brought mine as any event reader would), she had to get a cookie, then she had to make an important phone call.  My opinion of this reader that she didn’t know what the hell she was doing and was doing everything in her power to waste time.  Why would I say that?  Well, people sign up for readings, but sometimes they leave to see what else is going on and come back.  Then you just have them cross off their name no matter where it is on the list.  She kept calling out names in order and wasting 5 – 10 minutes waiting to see if that person was in the area.  I told her several times how to do it, but now my line was growing to over 50 people standing in line and she had 7.  I asked people to go over to her and have an astrology reading, but no one moved from my line.

This reader told me her life story (not a good time to tell me when I am working, nor did I care) and I could tell she has many issues – doing astrology is just one of them.  I complained to the event planner’s rep and she understood, but said it was just for fun anyway.  Well, I know that many people take readings for granted so if you give them bullshit information, what do they have to make positive decisions with?  I complained to the event planner when I called in after the gig, but haven’t heard from them.  Maybe I was being too sensitive; however, I heard her say to these talented writers, musicians and dancers that within 5 years they would all be famous.  I hope it is true; however, what are the odds that a 20 year old will be famous at 25 – and almost all of them at that?

I read the card she gave me when she said she would call me (I can’t wait!) and found out the reason that she was such a bullshitter.  She does music, singing, dancing, DJ, emcee, karaoke, tarot, psychic, fortunes, magic, games, stories, character telegrams, balloons, face painting, arts and crafts, puppet shows and get this – she’s also a clown.  Somehow being a clown and doing tarot readings just doesn’t work for me, but that’s the difference between someone who does this for a living and loves helping people and others who are charlatans and just want to make money, give bad advice and move on to their next victim.  Clown and tarot readings!  That’s a new one for me, but with that said, I guess I don’t have to say anything else.  LOL

Copyright 2009 by Vikki Anderson and  No part of this article can be used without mentioning the author’s name or website.

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Living in Fantasy Land

by Vikki Anderson

The issue with doing my spiritual work is that you try very hard to help those in need.  The people who won’t face reality, who live in a world of their own and who get so angry when you try to bring them back to reality, that it is scary.  Some of them need anger management classes and others just need reliable therapy.

This happened to me so I thought I’d share my experience.  I had a lovely tarot student who is my daughter’s age of 26.  She was very pretty, had a great personality (although very shy, no confidence nor self esteem) and was extremely overweight for her age.  She is in love with, let’s call him Micheal.  Michael sounds like a good guy although a Virgo (pardon me, everyone, but I do have some issues with Virgos!  LOL) and she’s a Libran.  Librans are the suckers of the zodiac.  They hate confrontation, but when you put their backs up against the wall, they are the sign of open warfare — thus, I did get her wrath when I was trying to let her see reality in this relationship.

Sometimes, a reader gets close to a client, like I did with this one because she was so helpless and clueless about life.  My daughter is extremely the opposite, so I thought that maybe I could help her come back to live in the third dimensional world that we were all born into; however, it back fired on me.

Here, let’s call her Jane, loves this man Michael.  They’ve been going out for two years and he hasn’t proposed, hasn’t suggested moving in together or any other type of commitment.  She had been a regular tarot client and then a tarot student.  She was not that adept to tarot, but she was coming along slowly but surely — her insecurity and lack of belief in herself made her doubt her readings.  Jane had two more lessons to go to be certified as a beginner in the Totally Tarot Method.

Jane went on a cruise with Michael and she said they had a great time.  I was so happy for her.  She had hoped that he was going to propose on the cruise, but he did not.  In fact, he always uses work as an excuse and is not around as much as a boyfriend, especially one in a committed relationship, should be.  He also was looking for a two family house (coincidentally, he cannot find one that satisfies him….hmmm…) for them to live in someday with his mother living up or downstairs.   Sounds like a great future already, doesn’t it?

So, I emailed her and asked how the cruise was and if she was engaged.  I knew she wasn’t or she would have emailed me, but there was always hope.  (PS:  I did a tarot card spread and know he will not marry her, but that’s another story).  She had also told me that she would like his children whether or not they were married and I tried to tell her that even though she had children with this man, it did not mean that they would be together forever.  I wanted her to think logically, something this woman seems to have a problem with.

Then Jane told me she was having nightmares because of the tarot and I suggested that if she were (which is most unlikely) that she should look at the cards or symbols coming out in her dreams as they might be a message for her to use or act upon.  I told her that I thought it was all subconscious stuff that was finally surfacing about the lack of commitment in her relationship and the chaos it caused, but my words were not heard.  She heard what she wanted to hear…fantasy, illusion and delusion.  Anyway, I also informed her that I would be moving in with my boyfriend in October after knowing each other for 8 months and she went ballistic on me.  Could it be that she realized that being with this loser for 2 years without a commitment was a reality gone wrong?  Perhaps.

She told me to mind my own business and to never contact her again.  She told me that I was manipulative and that Michael and she were happy and fine and he was committed to her.  I wrote her back that I just wanted her to live in reality and that I wished her well for her future.

Reactions like these are common in people who need lots of psychological help in dealing with reality.  I thought I was kind enough throughout our many weeks of individual classes together to give her clues about her ill fated relationship and to make her understand that she should not wait forever for this man.  I know, she will wait 50 years for him even though he brings nothing to her life.

She is in therapy and I hope it continues.  I feel sorry to say that I felt like I lost a daughter, but in reality, I have only one daughter and I love her very much.  I try very hard not to get involved in my clients or students’ lives, but sometimes you just feel that you are needed and you do what you can to help.  Sometimes, like this particular instance, it backfires.

Unfortunately for both of us – we have gone our separate ways and I sometimes wonder if I should have just left her living in a reality where everything is sunshine and roses and negativity doesn’t exist.  For some people, this is where they spend a lot of their time rather than dealing with life as it happens and coping with decisions and consequences about their own futures.

To Jane, I say, I wish you the best and hope that you do marry Michael one day.  I hope it is also in a time frame when you can have the children you desire so much.

Copyright 2009 by Vikki Anderson and  No part of this article can be used without mentioning the author’s name or website.

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