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This is a male energy, the Alpha, a leader, ambition, attainment, happiness, fulfillment, glory, individualism, the self, arrogance, initiation, dominant, creative, birth, unique and all fire.


This is a submission number as it is female energy, represents the other, love, adaptability, dance, devotion, the subconscious, water, twin flame, mediation, consideration, cooperation, dualism and balance.


This number denotes multiples, The Holy Trinity, faith, hope and charity, speech, wit, art, sensuality, immaturity, passion, surprise or shock, change, sex, culture, and the triangle.


This is the builder number, stability, justice, earth, the conscious mind, civilization, traditional, profit, health, conviction, wisdom, progress, power and a good foundation.


This number stands for the visionary, opportunities, symbols, story-telling, adventure, imagination, the subconscious mind, freedom, healing, choices, unconditional love, mercy, resourcefulness, the New Age, an assistant, invention and expansion.


This number stands for the protector, healer, children, empathetic tendencies, intuition, sympathy, sensitivity, sustenance, community, circulation, charity, balance, sorcery, simplicity and a nurturing spirit.


This is the number of the analyst, thinker, science, study, literature, logic, secrets, religion, rituals, knowledge, isolation, chastity, dignity, the collective consciousness, genius, and myth.


The manifestation number including wealth, power, material well being, the ego, business, employment, appearance, customs, exchange, reality, riches, investments and world transformation.


The humanitarian number, religious, spiritual, philanthropic, duty bound, mission, hardship, the higher self, spirit guides, faith, angel on Earth, faith in mankind, optimist, self sacrifice, karma, Divine Wisdom.

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Numerology – Personal Years 1 – 9

If you add your birth month + day + the current year, you will get your current personal year number. Remember, contrary to what some numerologists suggest, these personal years are from birthday to birthday. I always think it’s really funny that some start your new year in January. This is numerology people, it deals with numbers! It is your particular birth date that gives you the energy from birthday to birthday. Some people have to be different although they are incorrect and inaccurate. I like accurate readings, so use your birthday as the start of your new birthday year.

My birthday is June 14 to the current year, 2019, so I would add 6 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 23, 2 + 3 = 5. This is just your personal year. To get your birth number, add your birthday with the year of your birth and add it like in the above example. Be sure you get the numbers down to a single digit from 1 – 9.  Of course, if your birthday has not arrived as of yet when you are trying to figure out your personal year, you must use the energy for the last birthday you celebrated.  When your current birthday arrives, you will be starting a new year from this birthday to your next.

1 Personal Year

This is a great time to undertake new projects as this is the year you will do it. This is one of the most creative years you can have. This is the best year in the 9 year cycle to start anything new, so think of what needs to be accomplished or handled and start it now. This is an outstanding year to get married especially if the couple is compatible which means that the couple will have a long and lasting marriage. In career, there is no better time to launch a new business or start a new job. You have to do it alone, without partners, friends or family. It is the most critical year to make or break you depending upon if you actually do the things you are supposed to during this time or if you let the energy slide, you won’t have these wonderful opportunities again for 9 years!


2 Personal Year

This is a year of consolidation. You may take a back seat this year so do it gracefully. This is a time when family members and friends (even some acquaintances) will be especially important to you. Emotions will be high and you will be extremely sensitive to what others say or think about you. You need to show your patience and understanding to everyone and have the acceptance that not all things will go the way you wish them to. With your patience and tolerance, you gain wisdom and inner knowledge about what you should go after and what you should leave behind.



This is a great year for dealing with people; you can renew old acquaintances and cultivate new ones. This is another creative year where acting, singing, painting, writing or any other form of self expression will help you accomplish your inner most needs. This is also a good time for social activities and romance, but if single it is best not to tie yourself down with one partner. Be sure you don’t over-dramatize things, so guard your thinking. Outwardly, there should be few problems, but inwardly, you may become upset over small and unimportant instances and circumstances. Don’t sweat the small stuff.



This year denotes completing the task at hand. You may have to make sacrifices this year to get what you want. No important changes should be made during this time period because they may backfire. It is a year of restrictions, limitations, obligations, responsibilities and obstacles if you don’t plan carefully. Be organized and focused on goals and projects and be prepared for some delays in completing tasks.



This is a time of high adventure and excitement and above all, it’s a year of change! Escape from the routine nonsense in your life and have some fun. Once you make a change, be ready for others to follow. Everything that is no longer needed in your life will be pushed aside for the new energy you exhibit to the universe. What a great year to start a new romance, but wait for a more stable 6 vibration (next year) to take vows.



Responsibilities fill your days this year. Family matters will be important during this time. Many adjustments will have to be made. Great year for buying/selling a home and the very best time to get married. It will seem like an emotional roller coaster between family and friends (including your partner) this year but it is the manner in which you respond to the demands of the challenges that will determine the true outcome of this time period.



The “desert island” year. You need more time for yourself, especially your higher self which you can get through meditation or prayer. Good time to read about metaphysics or spirituality. Yoga is suggested if you are so inclined. Not a good year for investments or business changes. A good year for long trips and extended vacations to off the beaten paths where there is plenty of time to think your life through. This is truly a spiritual growth year. Also, expect the unexpected.



This is considered a harvest year where you reap what you have sown. A strong year to do anything regarding power and wealth. Profound time to start a business, extend your business into partnerships or to expand and speculate. This is a definite material gains year but only if you push to make them happen. On the down side, this can be a time when karmic payback can haunt you which may show in the form of loss of one kind or another. Generally, a power year.



Your basic year of endings. Do not begin things that you wish to last as anything started in a 9 year is doomed to failure. Tie up lose ends, put things on the shelf for another time, and organize your life for the upcoming wonderful new 1 year energy just around the corner. Clean your house, organize your closets, finish paperwork and make plans for new ventures and journeys for your 1 year. Great year to think and plan but not act. If romance, friendships, marriage, job or home is initiated in this year, it will more than likely be a thing of the past before the year is out. It could be a time of sorrows which could entail some pain or sacrifice on your part.

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