November 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  November 1, All Saints Day; the 3rd, Election Day; the 11th, Veterans Day; 12th Taurids Meteors; the 17th, Leonids Meteors, the 26th, Thanksgiving Day, and the 29th, Advent begins. 

SCORPIO: The sign of the Scorpion, Eagle or Phoenix

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Keywords are:  secretive, passionate, intense, transformational, resourceful, passionate, subtle, intense, sexual, possessive, obstinate and dramatic.

Colors:  Deep Reds

Planet:  Pluto 

This sign rules the regenerative system.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld.  Wherever Pluto falls in your chart shows in which part of your life you will experience endings, new beginnings and/or sudden changes. Pluto is also the planet that influences politics, war and generational movements including revolutions.  It represents death, rebirth, destruction, reincarnation, insight, revolutions, mass consciousness, transition, change and elimination.

Quality — Fixed — Other Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.

Element — Water: Emotional, creative, sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, psychic abilities, supportive, dramatic, lazy, depressed, impractical, unbalanced, and intuitive.

Other Water signs are Cancer and Pisces which are Scorpio’s best matches.

Scorpio is a fruitful sign. — Polarity:  Feminine/Negative

Gemstone:  Beryl and Topaz — Opposite Sign:  Taurus





Last Quarter


16 Leo 37

08:46 AM

New Moon


23 Scorpio 17

00:07 AM

First Quarter


00 Pisces 20

11:45 PM

Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon


08 Gemini 38

04:30 AM

Rx Planets Mercury goes Direct on the 3rd; Mars goes Direct on the 14th; Neptune goes Direct on the 29th; and Uranus is Rx all month.
Sun goes into Sagittarius on November 21.

 ARIES – March 19 – April 18

Many unexpected changes occur this month dealing with siblings, family issues and even perhaps vacation or trip plans.  Emotions may be off center at times being you are running around doing so many things for the upcoming holidays that you are exhausted and stressed beyond your limit.  Talk things over with family and friends with whom you are having an issue.  Don’t let things fester and become a bigger problem than it truly is.  Creativity and artistic pursuits would be a nice diversion to get your mind into a calmer and more relaxed state.  Romance seems to continue to be going in the right direction.  If not attached, then perhaps one of those changes may be a significant other coming into your life – be ready for anything and enjoy the holidays.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Good luck will be protecting you and your loved ones during this Thanksgiving month.  This is a time to spend the money you had set aside for the holidays, whether it is on home projects or on buying gifts.  Try not to go overboard on gift giving, but you know your tendency to shower gifts on those you love.  The changes that are happening in your life are good ones so if you go with the flow, you will be directed to a more positive direction.  Emotions run high and then are more grounded as you realize that things happen for a reason and you kind of go with the flow a little more than usual.  Try to be as logical as possible with all of your dealings and situations now and decisions will flow easier.  Sometimes you may need to talk things over with someone before putting the burden on yourself.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 19

Many issues or situations seem difficult at first, but once you decide to be logical about the concerns, you will make the perfect decision which will be right for you.  Remember to take care of any health issues immediately and keep up with your annual doctor appointments. Many Gems are trying to diet after our stay at home earlier in the year an before the holidays, so if they gain a few extra pounds, it will even itself out.  This is a time to connect with the universe and learn more about your place in it. Disappointments happen, so if things do not go the way you think they should, acknowledge the situation for what it is.  You may have to deal with things that are unpleasant, but dealing with them all the same is important to your family and you.  You are a strong sun sign and can do whatever you put your mind to and it seems you will be tested.  Things always have a way of working out for the good of all involved, so let the universe work its magic.

CANCER – June 20 – July 21

Business and personal partnerships may be strained as the holidays get closer, but with a bit more tolerance and patience, you will be able to handle anything that comes your way. Deal with partners with love and understanding.  Don’t judge others and be very careful about saying something that you may regret in the future.  If things need to change, initiate the change and don’t suffer in the same negative situation that you have been for some time.  You may feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but things will start to improve slowly but surely, so plan for the holidays and get your mind off of unimportant trivialities. The upcoming season will bring you much joy shared with family and friends, so have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be grateful for all of your blessings.

LEO – July 22 – August 21

The activity level for you this month is astounding!  Be ready for anything.  Work has some interesting turns, but if you see the whole picture instead of concentrating on the small insignificant occurrences, you will see that things have a way of working out for the best.  Finances are confusing and things just don’t make sense at the moment.  Make sure you figure out what steps you need to make financially sound decisions.  There are moments when you feel you will need to know everything that is going on within your family and your circle of friends and then times when you feel that you should take care of yourself.  Balance is the key. Deception or secrets may be at play here, so be sure to carefully check everything out.  There will be plenty of circumstances for illusion to take hold, but make sure you keep reality in check.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

Higher education, lectures, seminars, training, workshops, classes, DVDs, CDs, TV, radio, audio books, etc. may play an important part in getting you to the next level with your job or formal education.  You will be busy, but with a little extra effort, it will be well worth it for the benefits they will provide.  Getting interested in other cultures or traditions for the holidays is a possibility.  You want a more interesting holiday and decorations around your home than in past years and are open to suggestions. You want to bring in more fun and interest. This is a really good time for you to make plans for the upcoming year since you are level headed, grounded, logical and organized and life is going in a good direction.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 21

Education and career keep you on a never-ending roller coaster.  You want to take things slowly and deal with everything fully before handling the next issue.  It’s a perplexing time so making decisions carefully will certainly help you continue on the right path.  If you are thinking of getting higher education for your job or additional training, that would be a good thing now.  You seem to be confused about many issues in your life so if you write a list of just a few things that need to be decided and start with the most important one first, then your decisions will be handled quickly.  Try to stay focused on your main objectives since you are scattered and want to accomplish too much in a short period of time.  Try handling one main issue per day.

SCORPIO – October 22 – November 20

Career decisions need to be made.  Are you staying with this job or considering looking elsewhere? Work seems to be crazy at times and then calm and rewarding at others, so there needs to be more balance in the work place.  Home life has a similar scenario right now so it would be good for you to handle the most important issues and deal with the lesser choices at another time.  Communication is the key to handling many of your issues.  Misunderstandings may occur if you assume too much.  Be especially attentive to your significant other or other women in your life.  There is a major issue which needs to be resolved and only you can fix it if you face it head on.


You may find out many things about family members and friends this holiday season which may surprise you, but all in all, it’s a really fun time.  There are places to go, people to see and things to do.  You have so many plans that you are not sure what you should do first.  Get organized and make a plan of action and then share it with family and friends so everyone knows what you are doing.  Be sure to rest and take care of yourself since you don’t want to be exhausted before any of the partying or get togethers occur.  Don’t be surprised if not everyone is okay with your plans since you may include too many people or intend to take up too much time with your adventures.  Communication helps smooth things over. 

Changes keep coming your way and you wonder when it will be over.  Sometimes change is good so before you label the type of change that has happened to you, give it a chance to play out.  You are dynamic and energetic now, and have to realize that your life may need to go in a different direction to meet your goals and dreams.  Your emotional nature is closer to the surface now so you tend to be a bit more emotional or sentimental during this time of the year.  Obligations and responsibilities may put a kink in your holiday, but once you deal with them, you will be ready to have fun with family and friends. 


Finances are confusing, upsetting and distressing; however, better times are coming.  You will catch up on all of your financial obligations within the next few months.  Do not go overboard on buying gifts this holiday season.  Everyone is cutting back, so why shouldn’t you?  Life is overwhelming as usual, but you seem to be on top of things.  Handling one thing at a time is a great way of dealing with the most important issues first and then leaving the less important ones for another time.  You have too much on your plate right now, so relaxation, meditation or prayer may help you sort things out.

PISCES – February 18 – March 18

Sticking to a financial budget or plan of action is important.  The success of your abundance and prosperity will be rewarding in itself.  Even though many changes are pushing their way into your life, you will be able to make important choices which will push you in a much more positive direction.  The positive opportunities for you during this holiday season are plentiful and you need to buckle down and decide which ones you will take advantage of and which ones you need to let go.  Your career may be surprising as you get offered a new position or more money for handling more responsibility.  Believe it or not, your employer does appreciate your contributions on the job.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author, and lecturer for over 48 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 to schedule a telephone tarot and astrology reading, or an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Please visit  to order astrology reports or to make an appointment.


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August 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  Women’s Equality Day on August 26.  Make every day a great day!

LEO – The Lion

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Keywords are power, leadership, enthusiastic, dramatic, creative, generous, extravagant, powerful, noble, opinionated, prideful, very sensitive (on the inside), dominant, assertive, aggressive, take-charge personality, and extremely friendly and compassionate.

Colors:  Scarlet and gold.

Uranus represents: outward self, social, self, identity, personality, life force, will power, ego, creativity, vibrancy, and individuality. The sun travels through all of the twelve signs every year and stays in each sign for approximately one month.  Your sun sign which is determined by the date of your birth represents how others see you and how you see yourself in this world.

Quality: Fixed — Other Fixed signs are Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius which are not a good match.  Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Good Matches are Aries, Gemini, Leo*, Libra, Sagittarius.  *If one Leo takes the lead and the other follows, it can be a good match; otherwise, there would be constant bickering over control.

Element * Fire.  Other Fire signs are Aries and Sagittarius which are Leo’s best matches. Fire signs can be outgoing, spontaneous, optimistic, energetic, creative, warm, impulsive, passionate, arrogant, egotistical, selfish, quick-tempered, and impatient.  Individual charts are erected for variations in personality and strengths and weaknesses.

Leo is a semi-fruitful sign. – Polarity:  Masculine/Positive – Gemstone: Onyx


Full Moon 03 11 Aquarius 46 11:59 AM
Last Quarter 11 19 Taurus 28 12:45 PM
New Moon 18 26 Leo 35 10:42 PM
First Quarter 25 02 Sag 59 01:58 PM
Rx Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto – all month; Uranus goes Rx on August 15.
Sun goes into Virgo on August 22.



ARIES – March 20 – April 18

You are truly motivated this month to get rid of things that you feel are in the way or serving no purpose.  This is the time to stand up for whatever you feel is important and right.  You need to focus and prioritize your life to accomplish your goals. Romance may also be ahead so you can get rid of any negative partnerships.  Worrying too much is finally taking its toll on you, so be a bit more positive in your thoughts and goals and watch them quickly come to fruition. New ventures and opportunities seem likely, so go for them. If you want to keep in shape, stick to an exercise routine, even if it’s just walking the dog or jogging around the neighborhood on a daily basis, and perhaps, you’ll get the toned body you’ve wanted for such a long time.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Others may find you a bit unpredictable now, so make sure your plans and actions make sense and that you have a reason for them.  You have new insights into your home, home life, and how to make your money.  You may be living in a fantasy world and think that everything will turn out for the best so ask trusted family/friends for their unbiased perspective. You may not be thinking clearly and may make some uninformed decisions that may unexpectedly change your life. Personal partnerships may be tricky so if life seems confusing, deal with the issues immediately. You may feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders now so your decisions about your future will be very important.  If you act with love and patience anything can be resolved.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

What a great time for getting your plans in order for the future.  You have tons of enthusiasm and creativity so plan what you want to do. It seems as if you wish you can get away from it all, but you have many responsibilities to handle.  Travel may be on your mind, but finances or circumstances may not make it easy to getaway. Thinking too much may make you a bit depressed or upset, so only think of solutions to your issues and let other things go on their own path. Procrastination may also keep you from attaining your goals. Giving your work a creative edge would give you the cosmic kick in the pants you need to accomplish so much more than the mundane.

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

You have many plans, some of which have been put on hold because of the pandemic.  You want to look into new philosophies, art, writing, or whatever your preference to express yourself is at this time.  Career seems to be going in the right direction.  If it’s not, then this would be a good time to rethink your future in the business world.  Travel may have to wait a while.  Dealing with personal issues is important now so you can move on to a more positive future. Emotions are calming down and you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You are re-energized and motivated and feel a certain sense of accomplishment.  You feel as if you can take on the world.

LEO – July 22 – August 21

Your bold and passionate nature always has you surrounded by many friends and acquaintances.  You may want to start having serious conversations with family and friends to see “where they are” compared to your life.  You may be a bit more philosophical (or religious) and want to learn about these areas on a greater scale. Friends seem to be lucky for you now, so whatever you wish to do or try, they will be willing to go along with you.  You can’t accomplish everything by yourself and feel a sense of relief that things are finally making sense in your career and home life. Even though things may seem unusual, know that the energy is here to help you accomplish what is important to you.  You can do anything when you put your mind to it.  Take hold of this opportunity to make your life better.  There is a strong connection to family and friends that helps you with personal and spiritual growth.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21

What a good time to express yourself. Maybe a makeover is in order or a new hairstyle.  You are bright, funny and have so much to give of yourself and you feel now is the time to share your interests and hobbies with others.  You would like to have in-depth conversations about so many things. Your mind is racing in many directions at once, but somehow you still seem to pull it all together when it counts. You have the stamina to accomplish much now so why not prioritize your “list” and start handling the things that are really important to you.  A change in a romantic partner is possible, or the dynamics of your relationship will dramatically change.  If you are not involved, this would be a good time to go out and have some fun.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

You may be thinking of your financial future and security.  This is one of the things that worry you from time to time.  If you buy what you need and not what you want at this time, it seems you would be fine.  Thinking in a defeatist or pessimistic manner may affect so many areas of your life: love, money, work, partnerships, and home life. You have many decisions to make but you keep changing your mind. It would be best to make a decision and stick with it.   This is not a good time for self-doubt or procrastination.  There is so much good in your life so take advantage of this positive energy around you.  You can still charm your way in or out of anything, so whatever you want, this is the time to go for it.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

Homelife and family are important now.  Family relationships, especially with siblings, need to be addressed and dealt with. Short distance travel may be on your mind, but be sure it is safe to go to your destination.  Local getaways may be a better alternative to a regular vacation.  Finances seem to be of interest so take care of what needs to be handled. Good luck will follow you so share it with your romantic partner and family. Be sure to rest and take care of yourself.  It seems as if you are continually taking on too much responsibility. Circumstances seem to be blown out of proportion and you wonder how things got this way.  Being busy handling family issues has taken up a good deal of your time; however, this is a terrific time to try to figure out what you need to relax and be happy.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

This is an excellent time to paint your abode and perhaps to see what you really have in your home that you can switch to another room to make it look fresh. While doing that, you may also find that you can get rid of a lot of things you no longer need, like, or want. You may need to talk to family members about something that is bothering you. Keep the lines open for communication. There may be important issues that need to be dealt with regarding your significant other. Remember, being too giving, caring, loving, honest, and trustworthy is wonderful; however, not if others do not reciprocate your kindness and time. It would be in your best interest not to spend your money before you plan a realistic budget and know that you can actually afford what you want.

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

This may be a confusing time when you need to organize your life, your job, and anything else you are working on.  Life happens and some plans may take longer than expected, or may not turn out the way you had wished. Homelife seems to oppose your goals, dreams, and aspirations, but you are always ready to handle what you must.  Make sure you are happy with the decisions that are being made for you. Your family’s goals and yours may not be similar which may cause some distress or worry.  Disagreements with family members make you wonder why you ever got involved with the current issues.  Irritations or frustrations keep you from having a peaceful month unless you quickly take control of the situations. Overthinking things will not change them.  Action is what is needed.

AQUARIUS – January 19 – February 18

Attention needs to be given to your health and even perhaps your eating habits.  Have you been putting on weight even though you are dieting?  You may wish to see why the meals you make aren’t helping you shed the pounds.  Exercise is also important, even walking the dog can certainly get your body moving.  Creativity, children, and fun make this August a wonderful time for you.  Put on your thinking cap and organize the chores and projects that you want to get done especially the artistic and creative ones. Hard work pulls you in one direction, but your desire for a nice vacation or time away from family issues keeps tugging at your sleeve.  You seem to be getting tired of all the responsibilities around you, but you should limit the energy, time, advice, and opinions to those who request them.

PISCES – February 19 – March 17

Relationships and partnerships may be on rocky ground.  Know the facts before jumping to any conclusions and give the other person a chance to explain his/her side of the issue.  You are very attractive, fit, and ready to meet the world even though you may not think so.  Don’t go overboard and make yourself crazy when it comes to your health and eating habits. You are doing just fine. You want to bring some enthusiasm and enjoyment back into your life.  You may be a bit too sensitive now so don’t take things too personally.  Seeing things from a different perspective will help you understand others much more easily.  Your non-judgmental attitude seems to attract many new people into your life, so be prepared to be busy. you should be prepared to get rid of the old.

Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author, and lecturer for over 48 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 to schedule a telephone tarot and astrology reading, or an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Please visit  to order astrology reports or to make an appointment.

I have finished the horoscopes early because I will have surgery on both hands within the next month and I didn’t know if I could type or not for a while.



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June 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates: Flag Day, June 14th; and the Summer Solstice, June 21st.

Image result for june photos


Physical appearance: The body is of middle stature inclined to heaviness; the face is round, the complexion is pale; eyes are large and very soft; hands and feet are short but thick; this sign is usually small-boned. 

Temperaments:  Moon Children have a temperament remarkable for all of the moon’s phases; at one moment it’s dark and gloomy and in another, it’s bright and optimistic.  The mind is easily influenced and finds difficulty in concentration, but is extremely imaginative. 

Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics: Positive: Personal magnetism; positive psychic development; peace-loving, ingenious, maternal, and fond of travel.  Negative: Visionary, frivolous, mediumistic, capricious, procrastinator, uninteresting, addicted to bad habits, and lazy. 

Spiritual Keywords: The breath of the gods, the physical life principle, the power of receptivity, and the energy which sustains us.

Planet (Luminary) Moon in Occult Philosophy: The physical body and the lower elements of the etheric envelope.  Paracelsus (alchemical genius of the Middle Ages) also declares that the ghost or shadow of a man is included in this classification.

Occupations: Traveling salesmen, fishermen, dealers in liquids, nurses, employment in connection with children, general tradesmen, dressmakers, counselors, and spirit mediums.

Circumstances Induced by the Planets:  Long water journeys, mysteries, idealistic, romances, fanciful attitudes, popularity, inhibited emotions, public positions, responsibilities, and changes.

Gems and precious stones:  Emerald, black onyx, selenite, pearl, and crystal.

Colors:  Orange-yellow, green, blue-green.

Anatomy: The stomach, uterus, breasts, lymphatic system, lacteals, tear ducts, ovaries, sympathetic nervous system, left eye in males, right eye in females, alimentary canal, fluids of the body, nerve sheaths, mucous membranes, and brain substance.





Full Moon


04 Sag 02

07:12 PM

Last Quarter


19 Pisces 29

06:24 AM

New Moon


26 Gemini 45

06:41 AM

First Quarter


02 Libra 11

08:16 AM

Rx Planets Venus Rx thru the 24th; Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto all month, and Neptune goes Rx on the 23rd.
Sun goes into Cancer on June 21.

ARIES – March 20 – April 18

This is a time of activity, fun, and excitement, even if it may still be at home.  You will do many of the things that you haven’t had time to do before. Women in your life will be your constant companions and you will reconnect with those who have become distant throughout the years.  You will also make a radical change in your appearance, perhaps your hair color, makeup, clothes, and you will look fabulous.  You will also have some issues with your romantic partner which can be easily worked out if you talk things through.  Feeling a bit restricted, you may rebel or try to at least get your point of view across.  Don’t do anything silly because there is a lot of love around you; maybe better communication would be a good start.

TAURUS – April 19 – May 19

Money is your main focus now as you try to get on track with your finances or save for that large purchase that you have been hoping for or just catching up with the bills.  Energetic energy comes into your home and you will have much fun redecorating, painting, fixing up, and adding new accessories to your home.  It will give you such a mental lift to see things clean and new.  Children and home life, in general, will go in a much better direction if you are not too stubborn to change a few of your ways. Just try to go with the flow. Seeing someone else’s point of view is very important to help you understand where they are coming from.  Be patient at work.  Things will work out if you give them a chance.

GEMINI – May 20 – June 20

You may want to be cognizant of your words.  Do not let your mouth run wild before your brain kicks in.  Disagreements, short distance travel, and communication can be tricky, so be sure you plan ahead; try to be much more cautious about driving or flying.  Do not take any risks because you will be accident-prone if you are not paying attention to the details.  Also, this is a good time to see the big picture and let the petty issues and concerns be acknowledged and dealt with when you have the time.  Siblings and neighbors can be a joy to you. Have frequent phone calls, Skype, or Zoom reunions. You may meet new people online or in a chat room.  Don’t trust anyone until you are 100% sure about their character.

CANCER – June 21 – July 21

Relationships with your mother and/or women in your life will improve.  You have a better connection and understanding of the things that went on when you were young.  Homelife is getting easier, better, and much more positive so enjoy life and get out and do the things you’ve wanted to do.  Tending your garden or practicing your hobbies will be a lovely way to escape from life’s pressures while keeping yourself entertained.  You will always feel that something is holding you back from accomplishing your goals, but in reality, your procrastination and lack of making positive decisions will keep you from getting the happiness you deserve.   Everyone is on your side, so don’t let them down – make a decision and move forward.

LEO – July 22 – August 21

It’s time to balance your life with chores, projects, work (if you are lucky enough to work from home) with some meditation or relaxation. Your enthusiasm for a job well done will win you the admiration and approval of those around you.  Be sure to balance home life and your career as things seem to be a bit one-sided at the moment.  A lot of activity and change is around you, so go for it.  If it’s something you would like to do or try, do it now before you change your mind.  Your emotions seem to be all over the place.  Set boundaries and limitations so that others don’t continue to drain your energy and generous nature.  Hard work and responsibility will keep you structured and organized which will help you accomplish many things.

VIRGO – August 22 – September 21.

This is a good month to start a diet, become a vegetarian, or improve your eating habits.  A bit of exercise will take you a long way to reaching your weight goal.  Take long walks, park far away from the store (so you can walk a little bit more) or jog with friends or better yet, take the dogs out for a daily walk.  Communicate with your personal or business partner – something has to change, but you’re not quite sure what it is. You may feel somewhat bored or unappreciated, but things are looking up for a sunny relationship by the end of the year.  Always ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers.

LIBRA – September 22 – October 22

Stop being so sensitive and please make a decision that makes sense for you so you can move on in a very positive direction. Many are thinking of changing personal or business partnerships; you may be as well. Things seem out of control and crazy, emotional, and not the same.  Communicate with one another.  You need some time to think about the future with positive outcomes and positive energy all around you.  You may be upset or emotional throughout the month, but the fact is you know what needs to be done.  Changes are coming into your life so be prepared to go with the flow.  Remember, once you make a decision, stay strong, and do not change it.  If you do, it will be the wrong decision.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 20

You may feel as if a big weight is on your shoulders.  Life is holding you back from attending to your obligations and responsibilities that you don’t even know where to start.  Homelife is interesting – some are moving, others are changing their homes and the bad blood that has kept you away from relatives in the past is being resolved.  Reach out to your family and close friends any time you wish to feel safe, secure, stable, and organized.  Children and love life seem very positive around you.  You are being given many opportunities that you must grab or they will pass you by.

SAGITTARIUS – November 21 – December 20

There could be a change in your job or responsibilities, in your appearance, in a lifestyle, or just feeling emotionally free!  Travel plans may be coming together slowly but surely.  However, don’t let unsettling or strange coincidences keep you from taking that vacation that you’ve always wanted, especially when it is safe in the world to do so.  If you can’t afford that big vacation, take smaller ones that are closer to home.  You’ll still have the same fun.  You are starting to believe in different ways, rituals, philosophies, and/or religions.  You may sign up for several computer classes, lectures, or training in some new area of interest and you will love it.  New changes are always exciting and these will definitely be fun, exhilarating, and needed.  Not bad going to a lecture in your PJs!

CAPRICORN – December 21 – January 18

Things in your life that are no longer needed will start being regenerated, transformed, and improved upon.  Career is very important now, so be sure that you work diligently and confidently.  If you have lost your employment, this would be a good time to start looking for another position.  Emotionally, you are ready for a change although you are not quite sure how to do it.  Creativity, artistic ability or new hobby will be a great pastime to take your mind off of your problems, worries, fears and doubts.  Find some joy in your life.  You take things too seriously and it’s time to chill a little bit.  Even if things do get blown out of proportion, your cool head will keep things on an even keel.  Enjoy the warm weather.

AQUARIUS – January 19 – February 18

Be aware of those around you.  Not everyone is as honest and helpful as you and if you are not prepared for some sneaky tactics, you may feel betrayed or let down.  Depending upon if we are still stuck at home because of Corvid-19 in June, this would be a great time to start dating (if you are single) or at least look at personal sites.  It can’t hurt.  Or this would be a good time to rekindle your romance by having date nights (without the kids). You would be surprised at how fast you could remember all the good times.  Knowing the love, you have for each other is a stunning thing, so nurture it and let it take flight!  Being grateful for all of your blessings now will bring bigger and better opportunities and positive results in the future.

PISCES – February 19 – March 17

So many things are going on behind the scenes so just ask questions to find out the truth.  Do not take anything for granted.  Studying spirituality, metaphysics. meditations or esoteric teachings will be positive steps forward on your spiritual journey.  If you have any need for hospital tests or procedures, this indicated that the visit will be short and you will be out of there as soon as possible.  Your mind is playing your past over and over again and it could be making you feel maudlin or stressed.  Look towards the future with confidence and passion since there is so much wonderful energy out there for you, and once you avail yourself to it, anything is possible.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or an in-home Feng Shui consultation. Please visit  to order astrology reports or for more information.



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February 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  February 14th, Valentine’s Day; the 25th, Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday; and the 26th, Ash Wednesday.

Winter Is Nearly Over…Hurry Up Spring!

I am not a big fan of winter. I don’t ski. I don’t go snowmobiling or sledding, nor do I involve myself in any snow related-activities. I hate the cold! I prefer the spring and fall when the temperatures are mild.  One of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black, said in one of his specials.  “Fall is great for about three days when the leaves change color and then after that, you have sticks for the remainder of the winter!”  There are a lot of sticks around here right now up in the Pocono Mountains.  However, the snow and/or ice that clings to them makes them seem alive somehow.

In Akashic Records and Metaphysical traditions, it is said that our soul has to learn how to experience becoming everything on this planet before becoming a human soul. Pets are supposed to be the most developed animal souls because they interact with humans. They are learning behaviors by how we treat them, so when they reincarnate, they will have some of the traits that their masters may have had.  This is also a process that takes many incarnations to be learned, but I digress. Trees too have souls in them. I wonder about them sometimes.  It has been proven that trees, plants, flowers, and most flora have reactions to certain stimuli, like cutting a leaf off of the branch or bush or perhaps cutting flowers for a vase.  So, I wonder throughout this harsh winter, how are the bare trees fairing?  Some are broken in half by the heavy ice.  Some are continually covered with snow.  Many have fallen over and seem dead and gone.  I wonder if the trees that are “dead” or “injured” in some way, continue to allow spirits to reside in them and is that part of the learning process.  I would assume the dead tree spirits go on their merry way to their next lesson, but what about trees that are cut down with only a stump is left, and what about damaged trees? Are the spirits still inside the tree or does the death or destruction of a tree coincide with the spirit moving on?  Maybe when I was a spirit in a tree, I was in the cold too long during a harsh winter or was up here in the Pocono Mountains and really started to hate the snow.  One never knows.  All I’m saying is, “Hurry up, spring,” with all the new life that will leap up around us to show us again that there is a cycle to life…life and death in trees seems similar to the human world. Be kind to your trees, for eventually they may be someone you will know or love!

MOON PHASE                    DATE    DEGREE & SIGN        TIME
First Quarter


       12 Taurus 40    08:42 PM
Full Moon


       20 Leo 00    02:33 AM
Last Quarter


       26 Scorpio 41    05:17 PM
New Moon


       04 Pisces 29   10:32 AM
Retrogrades Mercury from the 17th until the end of the month and into next month.
The sun will go into Pisces on February 18th.


ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Now that the holidays are joining new organizations.  over, you seem to want to catch up on things you had to put on hold. Getting back to joining groups and organizations for your business or personal pleasure is a good idea.  It seems as if you will be meeting people who will be important to your well-being.  This is an invigorating time to start attracting additional friends and will want to start many new projects at work and at home. You are thinking about so many new exciting ways to change your life, especially what you should continue to do and perhaps what has to go or be altered in some way. Planned changes in business will help you move onward and upward.  Whether or not you stay with your present job, you will be successful.  Thinking from many perspectives at once, you are able to see what the outcomes of any scenario will be.  Your energy level is high and you seem to be doing too much at one time; be careful not to run yourself down which may affect your immune system or health in general.  Be sure to rest when appropriate and don’t take on too many things that others can help you with.  There is much luck, positive energy and great opportunities awaiting you if you decide to try something new; otherwise, things will stay exactly the same.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Don’t try to keep your emotions pent up inside of you.  Depression may creep into your life from time to time, but life is going to get better and sometimes changes need to be made to push us into our next adventure in life.  It looks like a lot of things are changing in the way you think and feel about people and things that it may be an overwhelming time.  This also seems to be a very serious time in your life when you are thinking about your future direction and goals to make yourself happy and financially stable. You may be thinking from a philosophical or metaphysical point of view and may even take some classes to learn what this is all about. Your interest has been piqued in esoterica and your spirituality is going in a much stronger direction; that’s why your interest is so strong now.  There’s a possibility of a change in career, especially if you have been thinking about it for a long time.  If you are unhappy in your current position, perhaps it’s time to send out resumes and see what else is out there for you.  Be very careful about keeping your career on an even keel as it seems you will be getting upset easily so you will need to be more centered and focused within your goals.  Be open to change and a bit more flexible than usual and things will go more smoothly. 

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

New beginnings, new relationships, journeys, jobs, perhaps moving, and financial security are coming to you.  It will be like a breath of fresh air and you will be able to think in a more direct and positive way to decide what you really want to accomplish. There is much positive energy around you and outcomes couldn’t look brighter.  You sometimes feel as if you need to accomplish much in this lifetime on your own and you are so right.  You can do so many things and are talented in many areas; it would be wonderful if you could harness your energy to make life easier by condensing your workload and doing what makes you more money in a shorter amount of time or as the saying goes, “Working smarter and not harder.”  Making yourself a priority is important now.  Homelife is more satisfying whether you are alone or if you have a family. Divide up the household chores so you don’t have to do everything yourself even if they are not done to your specifications.  Children will learn and you will have more time to do what you need to do for yourself.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

It seems dealing with finances and relatives will be your main interests.  Of course, perhaps planning short trips for a well-needed break from the winter is also possible. What a good time for making more money or acquiring it through investments, luck in the lottery, an inheritance or working hard and getting a promotion or more responsibility for more money.  You will continue to be very fortunate with financial stability.  Nothing makes you happier than having money in the bank and you will be able to save a bit more than usual.  Friends and associates may ask to borrow money, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to lend them money.   However, it doesn’t look like you’ll get any of it back.  Your romantic partner is still not on the same wavelength with you regarding money so another conversation is due.  Upsets and worrying can spoil the mood of your month, so find out what your exact issues are and deal with them one at a time until they are completed.   This is a transformational time for you to make yourself first in your life and having you not worry about everyone else.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

This is a wonderful time to get back into your artistic side, especially art and writing. Any hobby that makes you focus on yourself or gives you much-needed rest would be in your best interest.  Family and home life fall into place and you are ready to really get involved in your family’s interests, pastimes, and hobbies.  You talk a great deal to each other but now you are actually listening to one another.  You don’t have to be the caregiver alone any longer.  Share responsibilities and make sure you have enough time for yourself.  Classes, lectures, workshops, the spa, a massage, mani/pedi or anything else you feel like doing for yourself are important now.  You need to be pampered like you have pampered others.  If someone wants to do something for you, let them.  Smile and say, “Thank you,” instead of telling them that it’s okay because you’ll take care of it.  Some reciprocal energy was bound to find its way to you and now here it is.  Activity is mild; you have many plans, but just don’t seem to have the energy to do everything you want.  Prioritize and at least you’ll get some things done that are important.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

This is time to plan adventures and trips. You should get involved with many organizations that do the things you would like to do. It would be wonderful if they also had planned tours to either a country of your interest or a hobby class or lecture.  Romantic love, creativity and children seem to take up a good deal of your month.  Be careful not to fantasize about a romantic partner because (s)he may not be as perfect as you think.  If it is a new partner, be sure to ask family and friends’ opinions because you may not be seeing the real person. Emotions are high; you are also super sensitive now, so crying at the drop of a hat may be at hand.  Why?  Only you know.  You tend to make things worse than they truly are by worrying and being anxious over everything, so if you lighten up, you may immediately resolve some of your issues.  Money doesn’t seem to be your main concern as it is steady and you feel as if your life is secure.  Feeling as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders may be real or imagined.  Again, deal with reality and handle the things you have to and let other things go.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

You are trying to get back into the swing of things with diet, exercise, trying to perhaps be more organized and you are also working on your procrastination issues.  Health improves once you try to keep New Year’s resolutions about eating better and exercising.  Have a checkup at your health care professional if you have let them slip by.  This would be a good time to make sure everything is fine. You are scattered and frantic trying to get so many things done during the winter.  Don’t panic or drive yourself crazy.  Having a list of things to do is a fine start to getting things done, but it is not set in stone. Make time for yourself to rest, meditate, pray or veg out.  You have the right to watch TV or listen to self-help CDs.  Take a class or two so you can become relaxed and calm.  If you get overwhelmed, give yourself permission to rest.  You always tend to do too much, so take it easy from time to time.  Visit friends and have a gab session.  Talking over your problems with others may put them in perspective.  You do not always have to be the one who helps others; let others help you now.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21
This is a time where you will find simple pleasure in doing little things for others and you will appreciate what you have in life.  You will try to get so much pleasure in changing yourself or your habits a little bit a time when you realize the results of your efforts.  You may take a yoga or meditation class (or the like) as you are ready to absorb more knowledge.  Set some boundaries so that you are not being taken advantage of on a daily basis. If retired, you may find that life is getting rather boring; you may need a part-time job or something to do to pass away the time.  Leisure is great, but without making a contribution to life, one gets bored to tears. Otherwise, health issues should be addressed and do not just let this pain continue without dealing with it.  If it is something that needs to be taken care of, you are ahead of the game since you went to the doctor early so issues can be dealt with and resolved quickly.  Depression and worry take hold of you from time to time.  If you can’t do anything about the problem, just take one day at a time. If you can change it, then take positive action.  You need to think in a more constructive way giving yourself many options for your career, love life and financial future.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Doing activities with others or going to family events will be a continuing theme this month. This is a month where you will always seem to have someone to do what you want to do for a change.  It also suggests marriage or having a serious, romantic partnership is on your mind. Romantic and business partnerships may not make as much sense as they used to.  You are re-evaluating your relationships and may come to an interesting conclusion.  Some may think that being single would be the way to go while others could not think of leaving a partner, so which option is for you?  You have much to accomplish now such as art, reading, dancing, singing, writing, poetry, a blog or pottery to name a few things that you may have an interest in.  This is such a creative period so what will you be creating?  Make time for yourself.  There is so much potential for you to be artistic and creative, so get those creative juices flowing and see what happens. The more you change, the more the energy around you will change for the better.  Choose which friends should remain in your life and get rid of the negative people who always bring you down.  You need to be surrounded by positive souls who want the best for you and who want nothing from you.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

You should be concentrating on cutting through any confusing situation and making decisions about important topics.  This is also a good time to understand new situations in business or a good time to promote your own business.  You can see through any business situation with a sense of intelligence and logic that many people do not possess. You also have the opportunity for formal education, lectures, seminars, workshops or training that may be planned for the future.  Long-distance travel does not look too promising at this time.  Financial security and abundance are your issues this month.  You are concerned that there may not be enough money for the future and it seems as if you are concerned out about it.  Be sensible and try to deal with your fears and worries and the situation at hand.  Drama unfolds as you worry yourself to distraction over nothing.  This is a great time to reconsider what it is that you really need in your life.  Thinking about so many opportunities will make you crazy, so only choose a few you can really accomplish within your time frame and let the others go.  You seem very sensitive and emotional now, even though you may not want to admit it, but just know that better days are coming and once you decide the direction you want to go, then the opportunities and choices will follow. It would be good if you concentrated on your self-esteem and self-confidence now as they could really use a boost.  Let others appreciate what you do for them and don’t let your family and friends continue to take advantage of your good nature.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 19

This seems to be a wonderful time for organizing your business goals and objectives.  You have the insight to change procedures for quicker results and will be noticed for your efforts.  Also, you seem to be re-examining your life and what you feel has to change to make your life run easier and without stress. Travel and career are important now, so plan whichever trip you want, but be sure you do not leave during your company’s busy season (budget season, new promotions, etc.).  It is up to you to set company standards so be sure you know the company’s policy and are very clear to help those under you adhere to the standards your company has set.  Career goals may be changing for the better.  Some may be getting a promotion and others may be leaving their comfortable position for a new job.  This is amazing news since taking that first step will help you move into your new world with many positive changes that will make you feel wonderful.  Dealing with finances is still tricky, but you are doing well.  Keep that budget alive and well and your bank account will be the same.  Don’t let depression take over your life from past experiences and events.  The past is gone and there is nothing you can do to change it.  You must live for today and the future.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20

Being very careful about what you say at work would be a good thing.  Don’t trust too many people because someone is trying to sabotage you and make you look like a lazy or untrustworthy employee.  Just be aware that others may want to get you into trouble with your boss or company.  Think before you speak to others and try hard not to be too super sensitive since others will find that a weakness in your character and prey upon it.   However, if you are in a creative field, this is the time for you to shine.  You may just want to brush up on some hobbies that you haven’t worked on in a long time.  Thinking in a clear and concise way will help you figure out anything that needs to be decided. Don’t second guess yourself.  If you make a decision, stick with it.  Most times when you change your first decision, you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Procrastination sets in and you are back into the negativity that kept you from making a decision in the first place.  Move forward, be strong and determined and you will get through any instances of worry, anxiety and confusion.


Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or Feng Shui consultation.  See for more information.

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January 2020 Horoscopes

Important Dates:  New Year’s Day, the 1st; Lunar Eclipse, the 10th; and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the 20th. 

Happy New Year to all!  As a yearly reminder, some of the dates for sun signs have changed.  This is because there are 365.25 days in the year.  Every four years, we make up that day in Leap Year. If you are a specific sun sign, you will remain your birth sign.  These dates are just for the current year and for those born within this year. 

Words Are Powerful 

As the new year begins, we should be mindful of all the words that come out of our mouths.  We should want to make the most positive statements or comments that we can.  Are your words positive or negative?  Are they encouraging or discouraging?  Do people like to talk to you because you are optimistic and you motivate them? Or do they hide from you because they know you are going to tell them another dreadful experience or story that will make them depressed for the rest of the day?  I’ve noticed, when I ask, “How are you today?”, most answer, “Not bad.”  I reply, “Does that mean good?”  Or they reply, “Hanging from a frayed cord.”  You are imbedding these thoughts into your subconscious so you will never feel as if life is giving you an equal break unless you are careful of what energies you surround yourself with.  “I can’t afford that,” or “I will never get that promotion,” etc., sets you up for failure. Gossip is never a good thing to repeat as well.  Did you ever say that someone was a pain in the neck or butt?  It’s been shown that people who say specific negative things over and over eventually get pains in those areas.  You can control a good part of your life and outcomes with positive thoughts and words.

As I learned in Silva Mind Method, it is recommended that you say, “I am getting better and better every day,” or “Never better,” when people ask how you are. As a hypnotherapist, I recommend saying positive affirmations throughout the day to counteract any negative words that are around you.  You can say, “I am relaxed and confident and in full control of my life at all times.”  You can substitute my life for my health, my finances, my career, or any other thing you would like to replace it with. “Life is good and all situations will turn out in my best interest,” (or our best interest, if it’s a joint issue).  Also, as one of my teachers taught me in sixth grade, replace the word nice with other adjectives.  We were forbidden to use NICE when describing anything.  You will see how many new positive words you will come up with when this word is deleted from your vocabulary.

Words are important.  You can hurt someone’s feelings or you can uplift them.  Be cognizant of what you say to others.  Many years ago, a friend asked me if her butt looked big in the new pants outfit she was wearing?  I was always known for my truthfulness, so I answered, “Yes.”  I found out thirty years later, she never wore pants to work again because she didn’t want her butt to look big.  It was all because of a comment I made on her clothing!  I never realized what I had done.  Now, I always say that things look great, wonderful, lovely, original, etc., now as I will not hurt anyone else as much as I hurt her (and didn’t know it)!  Try not to criticize anyone because what goes around, comes around.  And as one of my favorite Cinderella movies quotes states, “Have courage and be kind.” 

*My resource for all the information usually here will now be just the information provided below.  The author has retired and will not be printing the planets’ positions or the planets seen in the AM or PM. 

First Quarter 02 10 Aries 15 11:45 PM
Lunar Eclipse/

Full Moon

10 20 Cancer 00 02:21 PM
Last Quarter 17 26 Libra 52 07:58 AM
New Moon 24 04 Aquarius 22 04:42 PM
Retrogrades Uranus Rx in Capricorn until the 11th.
The sun will go into Aquarius on January 20th.


ARIES – March 21 – April 19

New ambitions, dreams, aspirations, and goals are in your future and what better time is there than now in the New Year?  This is a year that you shine.  Whatever you wanted to do but weren’t able to do it last year for whatever reason, reconsider trying it again.  This is a time where your self-confidence is high and you will welcome any challenge.  Deal with issues in relationships (personal or business) before they get out of hand.  Try to be a bit more flexible when defending your point of view.  You cannot always be right!  No one is.  Good luck is coming to you from all areas in life, so this would be a great time to take advantage of any help that is afforded you. Yes, you always help others, so maybe this is a time for payback of all the energy, help and support you have given others.  Think before you speak, and be sure that you let the other person air their points of view as well.  Being a natural leader, you will have a wonderful year doing so many delightful projects, chores or jobs, that you will even be surprised with your own accomplishments.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be sure to deal with any issues with friends as soon as you can or you may cause a rift that cannot be repaired.  Expect the unexpected now as this will be the norm this month, so be flexible and go with the flow so you may soar higher than you originally thought you could.  This may also be a time for many changes in all types of relationships.  You are being guided to have many more helpful people in your life.  Even if life gets you down here and there, be assured that the outcomes will be better than you envisioned.  You are thinking more about your future and what you really want to accomplish now.  You may also be thinking of changing careers or taking advanced college courses (or teaching them) because you have the need to know information.  So many changes are happening this year to you that you hadn’t expected, but they will all be good.  Jupiter is showering its blessings on you and wants you to succeed in everything you do, so be creative and start on the road of creativity and innovation.  You can do it. 

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Perhaps there will be some buyer’s remorse when you receive your credit card bills this month. You’re not sure where all the expenses came from.  You seem to have been too generous with others, and you may have gone overboard in gift-giving and giving to charities, especially animal-related charities. This month is about consolidating debt, and not to be too depressed about your finances. With a budget or a plan of action, you will be able to get this debt under control in no time. Family members (or close friends) will try to lecture you on how to be economically frugal, but your generous nature can’t reconcile frugality with gift-giving.  There are many websites that offer items at drastic discounts, but you also may talk to friends and some family members about putting a limit on your gift-giving so everyone will be on the same page. Perhaps just give gifts to the children in your family so you’ll be saving on adult presents for birthdays or anniversaries, etc.  Getting closer to family and neighbors seems likely.  You are very gifted in many creative activities, so perhaps you can show others how to knit, crochet, paint, draw, sing, play music, etc., so the month will fly by and then you’ll realize you didn’t have to spend money to have fun.  Short distance travel (within states) will help you when you feel restless.  There is so much to see in every state, so take advantage of the historical sites, etc., near you.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

You concentrate on your home after the holidays. You have waited to do some redecorating or accessorizing for the New Year.  Family issues may have you defending yourself for some ridiculous reason, but you want to start the new year right, so just listen and smile. You don’t have to agree or disagree, sometimes family just wants to be heard. Or you can say, “It’s possible,” and leave it at that.  They wouldn’t know if you agreed with them or not!  All in all, they feel as if they are giving you good advice because they care.  Acknowledge their concern and love for you.  You can’t always take care of everyone so let someone take care of you for a change.  You may wish to go out to explore nearby places of interest, restaurants, and museums.  You want to be active in this winter month, although staying home to catch up on reading or binge-watching your favorite DVR’d TV shows.  Health seems to be going along well, so just keep up the good work and just rest when it is required.  Don’t push yourself now.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

This is a time to reassess your friends, groups, and associations as well as your personal love life.  Are you staying in some relationships because it’s a habit? Or it would be easier to remain in the “group” or relationship because it’s so much easier than explaining why you feel you should leave?  This is a time for finding new love, romance, fun, and commitment so you can have a happier life without any of the excuses.  It’s not fair to the person you are staying with just because you feel you should stay with him/her.  Talk about it and then decide what you are going to do.  Joining some new groups that offer a variety of people to associate with maybe an opportune thing to do.  If you want to discover new things, make a list of what you would like to see and when.  Make a schedule.  You don’t have to do everything this month, but you will have a handle on everything you want to do this year and the timing of it so you don’t miss anything important.  You may not want to venture forth in the cold weather, but that’s ok.  Finish up on some house chores and projects that you didn’t have time to do in the months coming up to Christmas.  You will be happy you cleaned out closets, gave clothes to various charities, organized your home and environment so that new positive energy can flow into your home and life.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Health is at the top of the list. Maybe changing your diet, exercise or working out in whichever way you feel is most beneficial to you will certainly help. There may be some tests or visits to see a friend/family member in the hospital.  Nothing to worry about. Worry is not something new to you; however, it should be limited and eventually stopped.  You are not helping yourself or anyone else with the negativity you are giving off by worrying about everything. Rehashing past loves, jobs, perhaps a fight or time you wished you did something different is not positive. Of course, listening to all your friends and family’s issues and concerns does not bring any positive energy to you, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Whenever you are told a secret, a problem or are around negativity, you seem to absorb it. You need to turn those negative or depressing thoughts into positive affirmations. You can do anything you want to do, as you are one of the most intelligent of all the signs. You can be so original and intuitive that this may be a time for you to enhance your abilities by taking metaphysical classes or studying on your own.  This is a time of self-exploration. There are so many possibilities, but the varied choices may keep you from taking a chance. You can’t make a decision.  Do something that is important to you and it will turn out just fine. Then positive energy can start attaching itself to you to attract other upbeat activities and encouraging behaviors from others.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Relationships of all kinds seem to play an important role for you as the New Year starts.  Make sure all of your relationships, whether personal, business or pleasure, are good for you.  You may wish to plan a trip to a foreign shore when it is vacation time.  You have so many places you want to see and things you want to do that you should not hold yourself back any longer. A partner (romantic or friend) may wish to come with you.  Partners may act somewhat different than usual.  It can be anything from being overworked to mulling over a problem of a friend or colleague.  Don’t assume anything. Talking about any issues that are of concern for you should be discussed and dealt with. There may be a feeling of being detached in an important relationship. Whether it is you or your partner try to get to the bottom of this.  Nothing good will come of this unless it is discussed.  Your very airy mind will think all sorts of negative things that it could be when it will most likely be something very trivial.  Don’t take on burdens by yourself.  That’s why you are in a relationship so that your partner can help you whenever he/she can.  You’re in this together so act as a team. You should not take on any more responsibility.  You’ve done your share throughout the years. 

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21
You are aggressively trying to figure out how to keep most of your money and/or how it can work better for you.  You update all important papers; you just want to be prepared for anything that can happen without being surprised by something you didn’t do.  You are going to watch your budget, but don’t become miserly.  You have a good-hearted nature, so keep that alive.  Just cut down here and there and you will be fine. Buy what you need and not what you want at this time.  There may be new items that you want for your home or office, but you can always put those items on a list and wait until they go on sale.  Try not buying anything for one month, then it should be easier in future months.  There may be some contact with lawyers or perhaps there will be some sort of court case that you are attached to in some way. Leases and contracts require some lawyers and court can be nothing more than you contesting a speeding ticket.  Don’t get overly concerned about this.  Are you getting all your receipts and papers for the IRS consolidated?  Taxes may need to be paid soon.  Try to meet new people in church, book clubs, classes, and workshops.  You may meet some interesting people.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

You continue to go in many directions at once.  It would be a good thing if you could focus and make some concrete plans for your future.  Being very adept at so many things, you forget that others may not be able to keep up with you.  Perhaps a trip to a foreign country, or take a formal education course, (or lectures, seminars, workshops, and training) can only help you now.  You may be thinking too much about being a success at work and in your personal life.  You already are.  Sometimes you are too hard on yourself.  Philosophies and/or religion may be of particular interest now.  Metaphysics, spirituality, Ancient Alien Theories, and esoterica give you a lot of information to process, but you like the stimulation and you will have new things to talk about with family, friends and at get-togethers. Have an after-holiday party without the rush, pressure, and people you have to invite during the holidays.  You can always just have wine and cheese and crackers.  Make it an after-dinner party, so you know most people would have eaten.  You would love to entertain and it doesn’t have to be on a big budget.  You can ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to cut down on the cost.  Getting out of the doldrums is just what you need.  Invite many different types of friends with different viewpoints, but be sure not to talk about politics which may be a disaster.  Put your mind towards anything you wish to do now because you have the energy and time to do it.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

Work, work, work!  You want to succeed, but give yourself some downtime where you can get a little bit of rest and relaxation.  May be a short weekend away with your partner or a date night would help you unwind. You are very detail-oriented, take pride in your work and want everything you do to be perfect and that may take its toll on you.  Not everyone needs as much perfection in their lives as you do, so don’t criticize others for not meeting your exceptionally high standards.  Ask what you can do to help them along on their assignment so it will truly be a team effort. You will then be well respected by colleagues because you will be a kind and caring employer or manager.  Spending too much time at work may put a strain on your home life. You must make time for your family, for they are wondering if they are less important to you than your job.  There is a lot of expansion in your life this year, so be sure to figure out what you need to expand:  friends, family time, job responsibilities, fun, education or travel, etc.  It may be that you want to expand a personal goal that no one else knows about.  This is the time to do it, so stop procrastinating and do something about it.  Stop thinking about it and make it a reality.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 19

New friends and relationships come into your life this month.  Kind of go with the flow and see where it leads.  New people you meet may be able to add something that may have been missing in your life.  You’ll never know unless you try.  It seems as if love, harmony, peace and perhaps even a makeover (new makeup, new haircut or color, etc.) seems possible.  You would like to reinvent yourself a bit as you are taking on everyone else’s problems and trying to resolve them. You need to be adamant and do whatever it is you need to do in order to feel useful and constructive again. Maybe it’s time to help yourself.  Your life will be getting a bit quieter so this is a perfect time to add some enjoyment into your life with new hobbies, pastimes or diversions.  Relaxation is great, but you should push yourself out of your comfort zone. It might be a good time to join some clubs that have similar interests as you, or perhaps even some workgroups that may give you ideas for innovation and originality on the job, especially if it’s your business. You are thinking of so many things at once, but when you finally get your ideas prioritized, you will be amazed at how easily everything will come to you.  You will be accomplished in new disciplines and techniques to make your life, not only interesting but spectacular.

PISCES – February 20 – March 20

This is a very mystical time in your life. You are exploring new dimensions, new and interesting philosophies and esoterica.  Subconsciously, you want to know everything about so many subjects, but you must go slowly so that you understand the new information you are digesting.  You may also start seeing things through rose-colored glasses, so make sure you have a friend or family member confirm that what you are seeing/doing, etc., is real and not just some pipedream. Everything usually isn’t perfect, but no need to take unwarranted risks now.  See reality and recognize fantasy in your communications and transactions.   Small issues with your health may arise.  They will be minor issues, but you should see a healthcare provider to ensure you stay healthy. Perhaps a change in strength of meds or new meds may be prescribed by your doctor.  Try to do whatever is needed to keep your good health. Not a suitable time to travel, but it seems to be a good time to reunite the family in some way or help mend some hard feelings between them. Arguments may arise so you have to be able to bring a peaceful solution to the issue.  Being a peacemaker should be a full-time job for you because you are so good at it. LOL


 Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer, and lecturer for over 47 years.  She may be contacted at 570-215-4223 for a phone tarot and astrology reading, or in-person Feng Shui consultation.  See for more information.

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January 20 – February 17

(These dates change each year)

AQUARIUS: The sign rules the circulatory system and the ankles. The symbol is the water bearer to is pouring out knowledge to the masses. Keywords are: opinionated, impatient, assertive, independent thinker, progressive, inventive, unconventional, friendly, talker, friends oriented, and somewhat detached to many situations. This sign can be a workaholic, but is also one of the sucker signs (too giving, too caring, too loving, too kind, too generous, too honest and will eventually become a door mat if boundaries are not set).   The old adage is, “If you can’t get along with an Aquarian, you probably aren’t worth knowing.”  They are lovely souls who try to help everyone and really have trouble saying no.  This sign will be the first to help out anyone and will give their last nickel to someone in need.  As a good friend to them, you should not take advantage of their kindness.  They need more limitations and boundaries.

Colors:  Iridescent blues

URANUS:  Ruling planet is Uranus which represents: enlightenment, new beginnings, invention, science, dramatic change, revolutions, sudden events, unexpected events, opportunities, self expression, technology and purpose.  Uranus represents the God of the Sky and the Universe.

Gemstone:  Garnet  *   Theme:  I know  *  Opposite Sign:  Leo

Quality * Fixed:  stable, conservative, stubborn, determined, unchangeable, moody, skeptical, good follow through, and stick to a single course of action.  Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Element * Air:  Changeable, rational, motivated, quick witted, intellectual, restless, critical, judgmental, resistant, detached, sarcastic, communicative, inventive and rational.  Other Air signs are Gemini and Libra which are Aquarius’ best matches.


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Making Wishes

Wishes give us hope for the future that everything will be okay and that we will be happy, prosperous, gainfully employed in whichever career we wish, and that we will find our soul mate.

The difference is the size of the wish, the intent and the long-term celebration or consequences of the wish. It is also in the ways in which we try to manifest our wishes. One bit of interesting information an esteemed colleague gave me at a recent psychic fair was that all wishes should be done on birthday candles!

Why you might ask? Because the whole purpose of the birthday candle is to be used for wishes on your birthday or in a CELEBRATION event. They are made with the intent of celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, birth of a child, baptism, graduation, etc.

So if you need to make a wish come true, or at least give it more intensity, use birthday candles for your wishes. Not only will the candle burn quickly but also it is a celebration candle which will push your intent into the universe quicker manifesting your desires in a shorter time frame than burning day, 7-day or longer candles to burn.

Hope this little tidbit of information was useful. I know I will be buying tons of birthday candles from the dollar store to get my wishes off the ground in a quicker fashion.

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Ancient Paths, Modern Choices

I have been teaching and conducting workshops for nearly five decades in both astrology and tarot, I have several books and many articles out on these subjects. I am always asked the same questions. What’s better, tarot or astrology? Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Is one more accurate? The answer is that it all depends on what type of guidance they are seeking.

Let’s start with astrology since I have been reading charts since I was fourteen years old and am now sixty-three. Astrology has been my life. The natal chart is almost like a doctor’s file on a patient. Everything that is positive or negative is in it. It contains many different aspects of one’s personality, how well or poorly you react to emotional situations or crisis, your intellectual abilities, why relationships succeed or fail and generally if you are the kind of person that others want to know or have as a friend. The houses of the chart tell different areas of life that are affected, for instance, the first house represents the personality you show to the world or the one you want to show to the world and not necessarily the true one; the second represents your money or material values while the third represents communication, short trips, siblings, etc. Twelve distinct areas of life are covered. Depending upon which planets are in that house, what sign(s) are in the house and what aspects hit that house, the personality is formed. Throughout the years with the planets moving forward (or progressing) from your birth chart (which was a map of the sky at the time of your birth), one’s personality, likes, dislikes, intelligence, relationships and reactions to situations change. Adding in solstice points and solar eclipses which usually occur twice a year (lunar eclipses are best used for Cancerians or Cancerian Ascendant natives), the next six months can be forecasted. Many different possibilities are touched upon as the planets and aspects represent a vast variety of probabilities. One must remember, however, that we choose our own future. We make a million decisions throughout our lifetimes that change our future day by day. Planets and aspects can stand for many different alternatives. When the sun and moon on an “eclipse” day falls into a particular house, that house is activated and an astrologer knows what would be in store for the native throughout the next six months. I usually tell my students that whatever happens on an “eclipse” day will represent the next six months of your life. For example, I recommend spending money on the eclipse so you will have money to spend for six months; be with friends and family you wish to see throughout the next six months; go to work as students who thought they would take it easy the next six months, did exactly that. They lost their jobs since they weren’t working on the eclipse! Think. Complete lists of projects, affirmations or goals. Plan for the next six months. I usually find it helpful to get things in order before an eclipse and then read the list in a positive manner on the eclipse so that the universe will set the stage for your next six months in a very logical and organized manner.

In order to make a competent prediction, an astrologer would know the meanings of the houses, planets and aspects affecting the “eclipse” planets and how they aspect the natal and progressed planets. Simplified, if one has more positive aspects such as sextiles or trines, life within the next six months will be more calm, relaxed, focused, organized and fulfilling without many obstacles. The more squares and oppositions the updated chart has, the more challenges and obstacles might be before the person you are reading. But whether the outcome is a positive or negative one, truly depends on the overall outlook. Obstacles or challenges may be for the native to learn some particular lesson or start handling responsibility, etc.

So in essence, astrology gives you a road map to your life year by year. Once given a road map, one can decide to get to any destination in many ways, by plane, train, bus, car, motorcycle or boat. There are also different roads to a destination, the super highways of life, the interstates, the local roads or back country dirt roads. All lead to a certain destination, however, the path is altered by the mode of transportation and the route one chooses. Remember as in any modality, you have complete control over your life and destiny.

Tarot is basically a different method or concept of predicting the future. First of all, the cards explain what will happen if you do nothing to change the situation. If there was something perceived to be negative by the Querent (person for whom you are doing the reading), it will stay negative unless that person takes a positive action to change the event or circumstances. You are always given options and choices.

One can do various spreads to predict what will happen in a day, week, month, year or particular time period in the future. Most of the spreads can pin point an exact month by month prediction in addition to an overall view of the current situation and how one will handle those situations. Tarot can let you know particular occurrences, obstacles or love with a glance of the cards; it can give you definitive yes or no answers to exact questions as well. The remaining cards in the yes/no spread will also shed more insight into your current situation. Remember that we can change anything we don’t like in the cards if we know what message the card is giving us. Whether we take that information to use to our benefit is our choice.

By using the tarot, one can get an immediate answer to a question and insight into a situation or circumstance and know what to do to change that situation to their benefit. Tarot shows you when to balance your love life, money, career or. It foretells what you must do to correct these areas of life. It often gives us not only the mundane solutions to life, but tells us of the spiritual path we must also follow to be happy in this lifetime.

Tarot suggests blessings from God after going through changes; it tells when one must rest so that the Querent could be protected from an illness or concern with the proper rest and care of himself or herself. Tarot helps build character because it gives the Querent something to fight with. It paves the way for an adaptive attitude towards conflicts, obstacles and concerns. Tarot uses a variety of scenery, backgrounds, figures, and colors to portray each card’s meaning. Sometimes adding one’s knowledge about numerology helps give added meanings to the cards although one can get a feel for the cards just by looking at it. This cannot be done in astrology. If the person has no practical knowledge of the planets, houses and aspects, an astrological interpretation cannot be properly done. It would look like Egyptian to the person — without meaning.

Tarot can also prepare one for issues that need balance in order to be happy or fulfilled – it could represent balance in a relationship (is one partner too dominant and the other too submissive?), money (spending too much and not saving enough?), career (is it really necessary to work 12 hour days? What about time with the family?), and conflicts (can I ride these conflicts out? Should I settle them peacefully? Can I handle what is ahead of me? Is there an end in sight?). Just by adding some common sense and a time frame, one can look into the future and know what must be done to correct any negative situation.

Astrology charts, although very automated now and can be called up on a computer and printed in a few minutes, are extremely difficult to interpret properly. Massive reports can be generated with all types of probabilities for the next year. The reports are so long (usually 50+ pages) because there are so many variables. If you make a decision today or now, you change the future from a few moments ago.

Tarot usually takes anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half to read properly. Astrology can take long hours to decipher and then read to the native. Reference for planet configurations (some use asteroids as well) must be used and placed in the chart and then one must go through each planet of the natal chart, progressed chart and how it affects the natal chart. Many combinations can actually make other configurations of planets better or worse by being in aspect with several planets at the same time. You can guide through astrology and then you have to wait to see if the future comes true. With tarot, you are taking an active role in your future by knowing what will come up and how to alter the outcome for the most positive result for the good of all involved.

I feel tarot is more like psychology. It highlights the problem or concern indicated by the number of cards in a particular suit, and gives you many alternatives to deal with it. Each card also has an answer in it.

Although I love both astrology and tarot, I would imagine it depends on the type of information you are looking for. If you want a very philosophical view of yourself, your character, moods, emotional status, likes, dislikes and the general road map to your life with the next year, then astrological charts are for you. Remember that one does not need to have a chart done more than twice a year. I usually place both eclipses in a chart for a year’s reading, so that my clients need only return once a year for the upcoming year’s events.

Tarot is a useful guidance tool since it can give you the areas of your life causing concern, gives answers to deal with anything from the four suits indicating the problem or challenge.

Remember that we have total and complete control over our lives and the decisions we make. No one can make those choices for us. Tarot is an easier and gives more practical answers to the year ahead; astrology gives us an overview of what is to come and makes us think of all the possibilities and consequences ourselves.

Both are fun, both are guidance tools and both can be very dangerous if used for negative purposes. Never go to a reader who says there is a curse on you; there are no curses, only fear that overtakes us and makes us vulnerable. You do not need to go for readings more than twice a year although once a year is also very accurate and lighting candles and prayers by a reader will not help rid you or your family of the curse usually for a large sum of money. Get references of a tarot reader or astrologer from a reputable new age shop or ask friends or family who they consider to be a reputable reader. Is the price fair? Are they trying to use scare tactics? Are they reading with insight, helpful suggestions and giving positive guidance. No one can or should light a candle for you. Some readers charge ridiculous amounts to burn a candle for you, if they are doing it at all. Spend $1 and light one for yourself in a church! Also, never give any readers large sums of money in cash! I had a client who gave $20,000 to one of these readers in a very vulnerable and depressed state, and then she asked for her deceased husband’s jewelry to also take the curse off of that too. However, the woman was wearing my clients jewelry when she went for another reading. For the $20,000, she got 7 readings and a future with no money and a lost sense of pride and a desperate feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It seems to be my crusade to steer people in the right direction when it comes to reputable readers. It is not acceptable to have a few greedy and unscrupulous charlatans ruin the path for the rest of us.

Whether you read tarot or astrology, keep your message clear, optimistic and focused. Anyone can change the future. We have the right to mold and shape our own destiny as God intended. Take your future and mold it into something you would be proud of.

Some think astrology is all right to have done while attending a tarot reading is the work of the devil. People — these are useful guidance tools that God gave his people here on earth so we could guide others who have temporarily lost their way or needed some insight into the future. There is no witchcraft involved in these predictive modalities. They are subjects, which are studied and practiced like anything else to become good at it.

Give them a chance, and I believe they will surprise you with their accuracy, their insight and the level of philosophical awareness that is given you.

Also, it is much easier to predict time periods with tarot than it would be in astrology. In tarot, the suits represent different months, signs or time periods. In astrology, one must rely on their intuition (and some help from the progressed moon) to predict when something will happen.

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