March 2021 Horoscopes

Important Dates: March 14 at 2 AM, change clocks an hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time; March 17, St. Patrick’s Day; March 21, Spring Equinox, Ostara, International Astrology Day; and March 27, Passover begins.


hysical appearance of the nine planetary types: The Neptunian body is slender and very finely organized; it has sharp features, expressions are often stern, yet always mysterious; hair retreats from the temples with very hypnotic eyes.

Temperaments: The Neptunian temperament can be neurotic and sometimes moody, and always loving the mysterious; often theatrical in attempting to create unconventional or spiritual circumstances. They tend to be inconstant in affections, and may be very susceptible to flattery and outward appearances.

Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics: The mind is often concerned with profound and inexplicable concerns. The native will be interested in the occult and the mystical, and will succeed in enterprises which are beyond the mental capacity of the average person. Positive: Spiritual, fascinating, musical, romantic, elfish, inspiring, clairvoyant, prophetic and penetrating. Negative: Deluded, mediumistic, fraudulent, con artist, sarcastic, erratic, erotic, mentally chaotic, unreliable and may live in a fantasy world when life gets a little too crazy.

Spiritual Keywords: The absolute consciousness, the initiator, the imminent divinity, as well as a magnetic personality.

Planets in Occult Philosophy: None. Neptune was not discovered when these attributes were assigned.

Occupations: literary and artistic geniuses such as writers, actors, poets, singers, song writers or occupations in connection with water and ether; philosophers, occultists, some may lean towards black magic.

Circumstances Induced by the Planets: Spiritual initiation and progress; artistic eccentricities, slander by women, intrigues, deceptions, assassinations, secret societies, frauds, uncertain fortunes, misrepresentations, and disappearances.

Anatomy: Pineal gland, spinal cords, nerve fibers, telepathic and psychometric functions, those parts of the body which respond directly to super physical impulses, such as the chakras.

Last Quarter03/0515 Sagittarius 4208:30 PM
New Moon13/0323 Pisces 0405:21 AM
First Quarter03/2101 Cancer 1210:40 AM
Full Moon03/2808 Libra 1802:48 PM
Retrograde PlanetsNone
Sun will go into Aries on March 21.

ARIES – March 21 – April 19

This will be an exciting month. Many unexpected things will happen which will help you change your perspective on staying home and are noticing how much you really have accomplished. You want to plan more projects that you never had time for in the past. You may focus on your work or trying to better yourself, your job or circumstances in some way. You just know that you need to keep a positive attitude. Creativity is at its best now so why not find new hobbies to keep you productive. You are finding out that being compassionate and empathetic of others helps you relate to so many more people. You are much more understanding and it brings you much happiness and joy.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

You are feeling more independent and yet somewhat stubborn to do whatever you feel you should. You are tired of being told what is right and wrong and want to make some of your own decisions. Others are helping to keep you on the straight and narrow path so don’t ignore their advice so easily. Life is changing rapidly and you may long for the days when you were in control of everything, but this is a new chapter in your life so just go with the flow. All will turn out in a positive direction. Try to think of the different ways you may wish your life to go and make the appropriate changes. Afterall, regardless of circumstances, you are always in charge of your own life.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 21

This is a perfect time to reflect on priorities. You’ve had the time to accomplish a lot but may be wasting most of it on time-consuming things like FB or TV. You have that story inside of you so write it!  You also want to get out and do things, but know it is not in anyone’s best interest so you are taking everything in stride. Feelings may be easily hurt, so don’t take everything too personally. Be sure that your conversations are understood to avoid complications or problems. You want to do a lot of things and really have a list of jobs you haven’t even attempted yet. Don’t live above your means now as it looks like you will be spending, but would it be on necessary items or foolish things.

CANCER – June 20 – July 21

Homelife may be getting on your nerves. You want to do so much more than going food shopping or getting gas. You want some of your freedom back; however, this is a great time to organize your home, garage, attic, basement or office. There is so much to be done, but you haven’t done as much as you would have liked in these uncertain times. Keep the peace with family members who just can’t be satisfied with whatever anyone is doing. Many times, others criticize because they are insecure and want to feel better than you. Take any negative comments with a grain of salt and you will get through this month with flying colors.

LEO – July 22 – August 22

You are open to creative projects such as painting, writing, singing, home decoration and perhaps a little bit of home interior design. You may be getting bored with everything you have and want to feel refreshed in your own home. Children may be involved with you during this time, so get them into creative crafts or projects which will keep them busy; you never know, there may be a masterpiece waiting to be started. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and others that you feel are family should have your attention. They will bring you many wonderful happy hours. Of course, romance is also highlighted, so don’t let your enthusiasm for your family overshadow that of your partner.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Health issues are fine. Whatever comes your way regarding health will be easily taken care of. This does not mean that you should ignore your health as well as good food, exercise, vitamins and fresh air will always be important. You may need to help others that may be sick, not necessarily with Covid-19, but you feel that because you are healthy, you should be of assistance to friends and family members. You do a great job in keeping everyone else upbeat and happy. Don’t overwhelm yourself and be sure to take care of yourself as well by resting and not taking on more responsibilities than you can handle.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 23

The month seems to go back and forth with you and any personal or business partnerships. Be cognizant of what you say as the other person may hear something totally different than your intent. It would be helpful if at least one of you were understanding and compassionate. There may be compromise and cooperation that will get through any of the obstacles ahead. When you get interested in other areas of life, it will certainly seem as if things are taking a turn for the better. Be strong, be curious and organize your day. It will all work out in the end, but there may be some trying moments. You can handle them easily.

SCORPIO – October 24 – November 22

Business and personal relationships are important now, so be sure you are not ignoring your partner and family. If you are thinking of starting a home-based business or perhaps a blog or two, this would be a great time to start. Communication on some level is important now. You need to get your message out there. You will be noticed and then it is up to the universe and your intent where you want it to go. Share knowledge with others now. Check that your finances are secure and then forget about them for the time being. You need to move on to sharing with people of like mind and networking in your field or the you would like to get into.

SAGITTARIUS – November 23 – December 21

You are wondering when you could travel again. You are so ready to get up and go. Just plan where you want to go so when the time is right, you’ll be packed and ready! There are so many other things for you to concentrate on now. You may be getting interested in philosophies, religions, and metaphysics. Your mind is opening up from the narrow path it has been on for such a long time. You really want more definite answers to important questions and are not just accepting philosophies because it is written down in some book. You want logical answers to difficult questions and your search for those answers is starting opening you up to new opportunities. You will enjoy your new interests and path very much!

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 20

You may be one of the signs that are really working hard whether it’s from your office, home based business or on the computer for your career or school. You really aren’t taking relaxing breaks. You want everything to be perfect when things normalize so you are giving it your all now. However, think of yourself now and how you can make better use of your time. Remember, the adage of working smarter and not harder? That’s what you need to do now. Everything will not be easy, but with your determination and hard-work ethic, you will succeed. Make your family a priority too since having all the money you want in the bank will not be a substitute for a loving partner and family.

AQUARIUS – January 21 – February 18

This is a wonderful time to sort through friends and acquaintances that you know who really haven’t been there for you for a very long time. You need to weed out the people who always borrow things or need your time to discuss their problems, and really don’t seem to be there for you when you need them. You have many wonderful positive people in your life, but there are also those who are negative and you need to get out of their sphere of influence. You are doing very well now in all areas and you don’t need to be brought down by those who have no interest in helping you as much as you’ve helped them or giving you at least some reciprocal energy in return for everything you’ve done for them.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

There may be too much negativity going on inside your head. Depression, being sad, or feeling useless may be an issue. You are not seeing things very clearly now so need to re-examine your life for all the good you have done for family, friends, and even strangers. You actually are also in a very creative time that could help you turn the negative aspects into positive ones. Be innovative, creative and use your imagination to change things. Be very aware of women in your life as they may think you are taking them for granted and are thinking of calling it quits on a friendship or relationship.

Rev. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author, and lecturer for over 48 years. She may be contacted at 908-887-0052 to schedule a telephone tarot and astrology reading.  In-home Feng Shui consultations are on hold for the time being. Please visit to order astrology emailed reports for any occasion or to make an appointment for a reading.

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