How To Be A Tarot Detective – new tarot book by Vikki Anderson

Vikki Anderson’s second tarot book, “HOW TO BE A TAROT DETECTIVE,” is now available on in hard cover, soft cover and Kindle versions.  This book has information combined from her first tarot book published in 2001 and new information gained throughout the last thirteen years.

Vikki has changed many of the meanings of the cards as she had thought that many of them were very negative.  This new method is called, “The Totally Tarot Method” which is easy to learn and gives one more accurate readings than the traditional methods.
This book divides itself into many interesting areas of metaphysics. There is a detailed description of each card, includes teenager meanings, karmic lessons, the astrological connection, meditations/affirmations and the traditional meaning of each card. It also explains many modalities in connection with tarot such as healing crystal meanings, numerology, astrology and an in depth explanations of all the fifty-six Minor Arcana and the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, dos and don’ts, color interpretations as well as how to prepare and interpret the cards for use.  This book gives you detailed information about which questions to ask in a reading to get the most insightful information for your family, friends or client.  “HOW TO BE A TAROT DETECTIVE” defines timing methods, many different types of spreads and reading the cards in a much easier way than before.

There is a Totally Tarot Certification Course in Vikki’s Butler, NJ home on June 6, 13, and 20, three Saturdays, from 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM.  The fee for this course is $55 for 18 hours of lessons!  Normal fee is $175.  Call 973-492-3110 for more information.   Vikki’s new book and a Rider-Waite deck (with the Magician on the box) is all you need to attend this class.  No experience necessary. There will be a break for lunch, so please bring a bagged lunch and whichever beverage you would like.  Tea and cookies will be served.

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