How Long is A Planet in Each Sign?

by Vikki Anderson

The Sun 28 days in each sign 30 years in your sun sign
The Moon 29.5 days in orbit
2.5 days in each sign
Mercury Time of orbit: 88 days
7 days in each sign
Venus Time of orbit: 224.7 days
19 days in each sign
Earth –place of origin–
Mars Time of orbit: 687 days
60 days in each sign
Jupiter Time of orbit: 11.86 years
12 months in each sign
Saturn Time of orbit: 29.5 years
2.5 years in each sign
Uranus Time of orbit: 84.2 years
7 years in each sign
Neptune Time of orbit: 164.8 years
14.5 years in each sign
Pluto Time of orbit: 248.4 years  years 30 years in each sign

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