Spiritual Teachers

I had a most disturbing phone call today from a 39 year old man who asked about my astrology classes. He didn’t drive and wondered how he could learn from me.  I suggested teaching him via the phone or email and would send him the class material before our lesson. I have many international and out-of-state clients and students so it seemed normal to me.

He talked about how true spiritual teachers allow their students to pay them after a class IF they thought the information was worth it.  Yes, you read correctly.

This has always been a big problem in the spiritual field but I had thought that we had evolved and know that we are working as hard (if not harder) than anyone with a 9-5 job.  Spiritual teachers should be paid reciprocal energy, such as money, for their services, so I said, “Good luck with that,” and he responded, “Well, if that’s how you feel about it,” and we both hung up.

He called back and left a voice mail saying that I should get another job because I wasn’t a real teacher if I charged for lessons.  I was temped to call him back to find out if he truly were from Mars or if he were just mentally challenged. If I had called back, I would have asked if he did his job for free.

Yes, teaching, lecturing and writing about metaphysics is my actual job and has been since 1999 when my corporate job ended. My accountant continuously told me that I’d better start charging normal consulting fees for my services or I wouldn’t qualify as a corporation any longer.  So I finally took her advice.

The belief that spiritual teachers should not charge for their services is a very old and tired argument.  It is not practical in our third dimensional world to do anything for free with our financial obligations and responsibilities. How are we supposed to pay our bills?  Barter sometimes works, but when the bills arrive, it’s hard to offer our creditor an astrology chart or a massage for a mortgage payment, isn’t it?  But they always take money!

To this man I say, you are clueless about spirituality and have much to learn.  Knowledge is never free and as my dear grandmother used to say, “You get what you pay for.” Or as my college professor used to say, “If you give anything away for free, it is worthless.” Help can this information be given for free (as I had done for decades with readings and lectures around the world and on cruises) but on my terms and not others.

If a person is meant to be my client or student, then they are guided to me.  If they are not meant to be — like this man who lives in a parallel universe where everything is free and they only pay IF they feel the information or service was worth it, so be it.

I thank God and my angels for protecting me yet again against psychic vampires who think they have special rights to zap everyone else’s energy while protecting their own.

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